MW2 Patch 1.12 LIVE, Does it stop Hackers?

March 9, 2011 in Infinity Ward, Modern Warfare 2, NEWS, PS3

We’ve been hearing about the upcoming security patch 1.12 for Modern Warfare 2 for what seems like forever. Well……..It’s here and live……at least on PS3 (other platforms soon). As you well know, MW2 has been riddled with hackers running a muck, at least on the PS3, rendering the game pretty much unplayable. I downloaded the patch (ALL 17 Megabytes of it) to check it out and see if it actually works. I played roughly for about 40 minutes or so and NOT ONE TIME did get thrown into a hacked lobby. :) So one can assume that this lil patch fixed it (at least for now) I will say this; however, that it is surprising (VERY SURPRISING) to me that it took SOOOoooo long for IW to come out with a fix for this issue and it was only 17MB. Whew! That must’ve been some really tough “Coding” there, huh? MONTHS of creating it, and forever in the “QA” process…..for 17MB, Really? At any rate, (Sorry to sound cynical here, just hard not to be) the game did seem to me to be quite playable and just as enjoyable as before (with exception of Danger Close….GRRRRR) BUT!!! I have also seen on various forums/Youtube/etc. That there is a EASY work around 1.12 that looks easier than blowing your nose. So stand by and we’ll see how long this thing lasts ***Still Cynical***


4 responses to MW2 Patch 1.12 LIVE, Does it stop Hackers?

  1. They have changed the files on the HDD so that the patch boots from the default_mp.self instead of the patch_mp.ff

    This means its basically impossable to decrypt, and there will be no more challenge lobbys ;)

  2. Yes, there will and are challenge lobbys
    Within 24 hours of the patch being released hacks came out
    Infinity Ward is just damn lazy, they still left the .cfg files open for hacking
    All I can say is lol

  3. OMG got black op’s last night for my birthday allready on 3 prestige it is so cool my highest round on zombie is 86

  4. kiero el hacker de mw32 pliz

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