MW2 Update 1.10 for DLC

May 4, 2010 in Modern Warfare 2, NEWS

I just logged on to take advantage of double XP since I have not seen Stimulus Package in PS Store yet and found that 1.10 update needed downloaded (took 15 seconds) Here is what I found out about that from “Gamespot”

“One Man Army is now nerfed slightly. Each time you use it, it takes you longer to switch classes (in a round) So if you are constantly OMA swapping in a round, you will notice the difference. Also, 3rd Person cage match has been removed for first person team tactical. and the addition of the new game mode set for map packs. the patch also opens up the coding for the disc allowing you to now download the map packs. keep in mind, the maps are on the disc for this first map pack, so you are downloading a patch that opens the files for use. when you buy the maps, you will have to download the map updates and anchors, since they had time to tweak the maps since the games release. don’t be surprised if there are plenty of glitches still though…”

Logged onto MW2 and seen “Map packs are available for download in PS Store”, then logged off and still now DLC in PS Store yet (Seen that it’s not available in US yet) but my guess is between 11am-noon (New York time) EST.  But log on and get double XP anyways!!!!!!!!!!!!


8 responses to MW2 Update 1.10 for DLC

  1. the double xp its not on yet i been playing and no double

  2. Sam,
    I just logged on and played a quick match of FFA and got Double XP, have you downloaded 1.10

  3. elevators are not working that sucks

  4. yeah its gay how elevators are patched, i only used them in PM but i hope their are some on da maps

  5. The elevators and other glitches for the map packs are coming out in October or November. I also heard that ALL the glitches will be put back on the game on the games birthday. Hopefully…

  6. u cant get xp in private matches and u can also do some modes or hacks for the ps3 like 10th prestige hack and speed hack so that ok and suks that they patched elivators and the one man army glitch i hope they put that shit back

  7. how long is the double xp??

  8. jtvu15,
    Last time it lasted thru Sunday…………..

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