MW3 Token Glitchers Get a “Reset” Button

January 22, 2012 in Glitch, MultiPlayer, MW3, NEWS

This is not NEW news, but I just wanted to re-hash it, cause I happen to find it very funny. Yes those peeps out there that took advantage of an “exploit” in Modern Warfare 3 where you could get unlimited “Tokens” therefore giving you unlimited Double XP don’t think it was such a good idea now, LOL ;) Before I laugh too hard about it and upset those that did, YES, it was IW/SHG fault that the exploit existed in the first place; however, they did not force you to make the decision to use it, thus giving yourself a huge advantage in prestiging, etc.. There were many CODBUNKER CLAN mates that I just couldn’t keep up with, and comparing stats, I didn’t know why (I was smart enough to do the math in my head and “new” what they were doing, yet they would deny it) But now those 8-10th prestiges are ZERO. But the kicker which I find hilarious (not trying to throw salt on the wound…..but) they didn’t reset ALL stats, just stuff like ALL your kills but LEFT ALL the deaths, the wins got erased, but not the losses. So those that did this with KDR’s of 2.50 or better are now at 0.14 and Win Ratios of 0.02 :P It will take until Black Ops 2 comes out for them to get to an EVEN status now………..WOW. That was PERFECT. Here is why I say perfect: I don’t feel that such an infraction hurt anybody but themselves; therefore, I’m glad they didn’t get Banned (I think this would’ve been WAY OFF BASE) but what they did do, IMHO is the perfect solution, because it affects only them.

Ok, I’m off that subject now, I just couldn’t resist when talking a bit about it, cause I see SO MANY Prestige 1′s nowadays and checking leaderboard stats, I laugh every time. In the meantime, I’m sitting at 6th almost 7th prestige, with 1.11 KDR and 4.28 Win Ratio………..ALL LEGIT. Catch me if you can :P

Don’t get mad bro, Ima jus hav’n fun :D


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  1. I love it. I collected MT.DEW caps and codes just like everyone else for my DBL XP. I knew about the glitch…thought about it and figured something like this would happen to those who did. Glad to see they’re finally taking action against cheating of this form. I knew a guy who had everything unlocked with this glitch and double xp always. I’m anxious to see if he got hit.

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