My NAT Type is now Moderate or Strict!?

December 20, 2010 in Black Ops, Modern Warfare 2, NEWS

Lately it seems that there are plenty of COD7 Black Ops people out there (Mostly on PS3) that have a problem with getting their NAT type to be OPEN. Especially since the last update 1.04. Check my previous post to ensure your hardware is NOT the issue first. But now, lets discuss why this is happening, and if there is a workaround for this (which I believe there is, if last post and this don’t work for you……….then PUNT :( )
Fortunately I ran into some really great M8′s that were having this issue and was able to work with them (and ATVI Support was there also). These fella’s REDMARRA, BIGMARRA, COMEDYMARRA, GRIZZLYMARRA, and ANGRYMARRA (sorry if I missed one) let me work with them (as well as play some REALLY good matches :D ) on this issue. They also found a “workaround” earlier that when they put in MW2 (Modern Warfare) disc, then switched back to Black Ops……They could once again connect!!! Now Last night I was playing with COMEDYMARRA and ANGRYMARRA and we ALL had Open NAT types, then whilst we were BEASTING on some peeps :D somebody from the other team backed out (poor guy was getting pummeled), the matched ended since he was the host. After that we kept losing ANGRY………Finally he took a look at his NAT type and it was now Strict (may have been moderate, can’t remember) So we play on without him, while he went to load up his MW2. When we joined back up his NAT was now OPEN :D Hopefully this method will help you too.

NOW, CODBUNKER’s OPINION on what is happening
Note: I said Opinion………..

NAT=Network Address Translation, What this means in a nutshell is Your router is only ONE Public (WAN) IP address and needs a way to “remap” that IP to each individual IP on your Private network and that is what it does, it “remaps” it. So essentially this SHOULD only be a Hardware issue; however, there is also these neat little things call firewalls. We have Hardware firewalls (which are built into routers) and Software Firewalls, such as McAfee, Trend Micro, etc… Now based on the above info, here is what CODBUNKER would wager ALL my COD Points on: With Treyarch’s fervent effort to NOT get hacked (Like MW2 was) they have implemented into the software of Black Ops a software firewall that is creating havoc (IMHO) The way it is being accomplished is that when you load the game it sets the PS3′s firewall, via its software, to protect its servers from getting hacked. In the process, something in their code “glitches” occasionally to where it sets the wrong settings, or such as the above case when we got kicked, it may have sent an alarm to the software, and it “protected” itself setting ANGRY up as strict. Then when MW2 is plugged in, it clears the ports, as their code sets the firewalls flags differently than Black Ops and then all is well once again. So it is CLEAR that Treyarch has a boo boo in their code that I’m sure they are addressing. Don’t we all wished that they would just let us know, especially those of YOU out there that are pulling your hair out. We love the game, its got a boo boo, tell us you know about and your working on fix! Peeps don’t like being in the dark! I may be completely wrong here but the math does add up……….what do you think?


6 responses to My NAT Type is now Moderate or Strict!?

  1. tht actually makes sense haha… my nat type is now strict… gona try tht work around with mw2.

  2. it didnt work for me!!! i haave a strict nat type at random times!! and cant get it back to open!!!

  3. me and my friend have porn but my girlfriend has strict. but my friend can still play with her but I can’t unless he’s in a party.

  4. my stupid ass phone uses words from the internet and said porn instead of open. my bad dumb ass htc.

  5. LOL, now that was hilarious auto correct from phone……..I hate that auto correct sometimes ;-)

  6. Stupid fag Activison haha fuckk youu mw2 dos not work for evry one stop saying bullshit my friend (;

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