NFL Players “BEAST” on COD7 Black Ops too!

January 9, 2011 in Black Ops, NEWS

nfl-players-call-of-duty-black-opsWhen they are not being “Super Athletes” on the Grid Iron, there are many NFL Football players that enjoy the Call of Duty franchise in their off time! Many might suspect that they would be playing “Madden NFL” or the likes; however, just as for many of us……..COD is an escape from your “day job” or the “day to day” into the aggressive, kill or be killed, beasting action that the COD franchise has turned into the BEST SELLING entertainment/video game of ALL TIME! This does not surprise CODBUNKER in the least…..Here we have the “PROS” at their game “NFL” so it is very obvious that they are the most competitive football players in the world; hence, it would make sense that this “competitiveness” is in their nature (as with plenty of us), so when not on the field of their profession they can continue to compete in the comfort of their own gaming rooms. Kinda makes you wonder……how many times have “I/We” PWNED these monsters of the Grid Iron in Black Ops lately ;-) ……..or been PWNED by them :( wihtout even know it, LOL. You may may not be “intercepting” Brett Favre, or getting “sacked” by A.J. Hawk [of The Ohio State University ;-) ] anytime soon; however, next time your playing Call of Duty, you may get a “Backstabber” on Brett or get smashed with a Valkyrie by A.J. ……….who knows???
I found a few articles of some of these COD addicts and below is some “excerpts” from those articles.

From ESPN:
~~~New Orleans Saints safety Roman Harper

“I’m a big ‘Call of Duty’ player … it consumes my life in the offseason,” admits Harper. “So earlier this year when I was in Southern California, the people at Activision saw how big I was into the game, so they surprised me with a ‘Call of Duty’ party. It really turned out fun.

Harper claims that the “Call of Duty” franchise is the most addicting of any video game series ever made, and he’s such a fan, he even convinced non-gaming teammates like Darren Sharper to join the online fray.

And now Sharper, a guy who hasn’t been into video games since the days of “Donkey Kong,” is hooked.

“But ‘Call of Duty’ is definitely a big deal in our locker room. A lot of my teammates play it — from Malcolm Jenkins [of The Ohio State University ;-) ] to Tracy Porter — it’s a big hit with the defense and some of the O-linemen play it as well.”

And when the Saints get together to shoot it out, they say everyone plays with a distinct style.

For Darren Sharper, that means finding a good place to hide when the match starts. “I like to sit back and let things clear out,” he says, “then when everybody is distracted and shooting each other, I come in from out of nowhere and go in for the secondary stomp.”

Roman Harper, on the other hand, plays aggressive from the opening second.

“I want first blood,” Harper says with a laugh. “I want first blood and the last kill, that way I can do my dance on them.

As for how long they play the game in one stretch, Harper says he’s embarrassed to admit it, but he’s played for eight hours straight before, although right now, he says all of the Saints have bigger things on their minds than video games with the playoffs approaching.

“I have to put the controller down right now,” Harper says as the Saints prepare to defend their title. “I can’t be addicted to ‘Call of Duty’ during the season. We have a few more games to win first.

“But in the offseason, I’ll be back on strong.”

ESPN full article HERE!.

Well……….WHO DAT…..sorry for your loss, but now you can BEAST out your aggression in COD7 Black Ops ;-)

From MTV:

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco has made no secret about his love for Call of Duty games.

“I will get you season tickets to all the home games =8, just send me a copy, thank you I appreciate it,” Ochocinco wrote via Twitter in a message directed at Treyarch community manager Josh Olin. “Hey @OGOchoCinco – if you can make it to Santa Monica (tomorrow?) to @Treyarch we’ll give you a #CODBlackOps preview =),” Olin wrote back

OchoCinco’s is ESTABAN85 (GT) & His PSN is like CJESTABAN85

MTV full article HERE!.

FYI: In case your wondering CODBUNKER is a Chicago Bears (NFL) fan, but in case you haven’t figured it out by now, LOL, CODBUNKER is also a HUGE Ohio State (NCAA) fan, so I also follow “BuckeyNation” players that have made it to “The Big Game (NFL)” and in case your reading this Lovey Smith, do you think that maybe you could pick up some Buckeyes some upcoming drafts? :D


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