No “QuickScoping” in Black Ops says Josh Olin!

October 25, 2010 in Black Ops, Modern Warfare 2, NEWS

quick-scopeWHAT! NO QUICKSCOPE IN COD7 BLACK OPS!?!? Look out Call of Duty Community!!! It would seem that Josh Olin (JD_2020 / CM for Treyarch) has just created a COD7 Mortal SIN!!!……or has he? Yesterday he announce, while responding to his #askjd questions on twitter that there will be no QuickScope in Black Ops, he even said it’s “CHEAP”.

“JD_2020 Josh Olin
cdkee Nope. Quickscoping is way more annoying to a way larger group of people than the quickscoping community who loves to do it. #cheap”

WELL……..This has set off a FIRESTORM in the COD community. Apparently there are LOTS of “Quickscopers” out there, or at least those that liked it. Well I’m gonna give my opinion on this one, since it seems to be a HUGE topic right now. IMHO it is: (In MW2 that is) Quick “aim assist” this game was designed to give you the illusion that you are one of the most amazing snipers in the world by giving you the “perks” that enable quick aim and aim assist with stopping power….etc…. So basically I see it as the computer doing ALL the work. We’ve all seen knives thrown in the air 100 yards away and land in somebodies butt :D (all done thanks to the algorithms/program running the game). Hell I’ve seen martyrdom nades ROLL UPHILL and kill me. I’ve seen nades tossed at me (watched killcam) and see the nade ARC a semi circle (defying ALL physics) and land on me….WTH???? So in a nutshell, I call it “Aim Assist” not “QuickScope”…..

GIVEN THAT; however, I will also say this. IT DOES TAKE SKILL to be a “STUD” at it. I can easily get lucky and QS your butt occasionally, but there are some out there that do it so fluidly and consistently that it is obvious they have fine tuned it into a skill. Personally I do not see a reason to axe it, it is not that annoying to me as JD seems to think it is to most. So I don’t think it should go since there are so many that want it and seem VERY passionate about it. (Nobody listened to me bout elevators being gone :( ) LOL, guess there wasn’t enough of us “elevate’ers” even in private matches……oh well. But back to QS, the COD world seems to have been turned upside down right now, I would estimate that at least 1/3rd of peeps out there want this in the game………that’s a lot. But we shall see if the voices of the masses can make it happen….Good luck and here is just a sample of some of the tweets to Josh Olin of the “Lash Back”….whoooo its not pretty!

“jerelcabesas Jerel Cabesas
JD_2020 Sure, readjusting the sniper makes sense. But intentionally making it so people can’t quickscope. Pathetic. Is it cuz you can’t ?”

JD_2020 you call me cheap for quickscoping(F**K U). if i wasnt able to quickscope i would just camp in some spot plant a claymore behind me”

“PtpRs Ptp Rs
JD_2020 Btw,i dont even quickscope,i just am suggesting you keep it in there because your upsetting 50% of the community,…”

“ShootinAce Tyler Shaller
JD_2020 please dont kill quickscopin as you may know this is pissin alot of COD Fans off IT TAKES MORE SKILL TO QUICKSCOPE spraying is easy”

“JJ9394 Jeremy
JD_2020 how are you a community manager when the whole community wants quickscopes and no second gay chance and tubes but u gimp quickscope”


16 responses to No “QuickScoping” in Black Ops says Josh Olin!

  1. Annoying quickscoping is annoying; I agree with Josh

    I hate quickscoping. It’s the only way I can get kills if I’m a sniper anymore. However, doing it in private matches is actually pretty fun seeing who’ll get the kill first but god it was annoying in a regular match.
    This CoD is going to be amazing. Mostly because of no commando <3

    I wish they'd just get rid of n00b tubes already. GUARANTEE more people would not want them, then those crappy players who do.

  3. Dalton,
    They did say that Noob Tubes will be Disabled at the start of the match (similar to WaW) so you won’t have that thoooooomph at the beginning of match for the spawn multi kill that happens in MW2 :)

  4. I am geniunley upset by this :(
    I love quick scoping in private matches, its so much fun, doing 360′s, showing off and being a tryhard etc .
    He is a community manager, he should listnen to the community, add a mode to enable it in Private matches, dont ban it all together, that would be almost as stupid as adding OMA into the game.
    Also what can we do when we get board of just spraying people down, its fun to have a challenge of using a sniper for a while, and getting impressive no scopes in SnD.
    I hope he changes his mind, or i fear that many people will stick with modern warfail 2.

  5. Not sure what to say, i dont like quickscopes mainly due to the fact that it just looks wrong when your on the wrong end of the scope lmao i have seen some amazing shots but it seems more of a cheat than skill!
    And if they like quickscoping that much let them only do it in Private Matches and KEEP IT OFFLINE

  6. All of y’all are just mad because you can’t quickscope. And why are you so upset whit quickscoping there’s noting wrong whit it, haven’t you ever seen OMA n00btubes, commando, spawn killed and all that and your complaining about quickscoping is cheap or unrealistic. I don’t wanna be laying on top of a building the whole game just camp and wait for someone to pass by my scope thats boring as hell like in Battlefield Bad Company 2. I have allot of fun quickscoping and doing awesome trick-shots in public, but mostly in private matches of course. And i’ve also heard zzirGrizz saying he have tryed quickscoping in the Call Of Duty Black Ops demo and it works fine, so fail on you Josh xD

  7. for about every quickscope kill, there is about… 20 hitmarkers, last stand users, or someone w/ juggernaut (Cod4/5) All the community sees is the really good kills, like on youtube with all the montages and stuff.

  8. Josh BELIVES that quickscoping is cheap. What abt noob tubing that is cheap. Quickscoping needes skill it isn’t cheap you need accuracy and speed. Josh is a Bitch

  9. aim assist? really? aim assist doesnt help u from across the map. aim assist only helps u when spraying. it points u in general direction. to give u an idea, ive been quickscoping a year, and i DIDNT EVEN KNOW theyre was aim assist until i was playing with ump and saw that when u pointed a gun at somebody, it followed them to a degree lol

    and anyways, having cod4, waw, mw2, i dont play the other two mainly because its less quickscope frendly (althout MW1 is kinda fun to quickscope in)

    leaving this feature out is kinda retarded. theres hundreds of FPS, i think quickscoping is like the main reason anyone plays this game

  10. Quick/No Scoping is a pain in the arse. I prefer to play the game the way it was intended to be played; SMG/Shotgun/Pistol for close range, not a Sniper rifle, luck and abuse of the game mechanics.

    I understand that No Scoping may be considered a skill, but so is walking on crutches if you have no legs…

    I prefer the skill of knowing when to run, hide, flank and charge depending on what weapon I am using.

    Also, No Scopers don’t give a crap about the game objective, aslong as their KDR is good, which annoys me. I am more than willing to hold on to a grenade for too long if it means I take down a couple of guys running after my team mate who has the flag. Which leads me to another point: I hope Black Ops builds on the idea of giving praise to those who play the game as MW2 did, rather than just those who look after themselves.

  11. all of you are fragging noobs the quick scopers and the casuals go fan yourselvs you are going to flip this game up with shot puts of patches.

  12. well i think its pointless to take out quickscoping for a few reason is that do you really think that someone with a sniper and is quickscoping could kill someone with an assault rifle one on one?No because the assault rifle can just pull up and shoot so if you quickscope in a live game you are more than likely to go negative. 2 If people usually only qickscope in private matches why is it cheap? And you would think if treyarch noticed that the day the game came out 4 million + players wer online,a week later there was maybe 1.5 million,I for one hate Black ops and think its the little things that ruin the game,like no quickscopes, no cool hiding spots for micheal myers there are invisible barriers on everythings. This is why treyarch lost so many COD players, i think they need to fix these little things or just stop making Call of Duty games, Infinity ward is much better and actually knows how to make the game fun Yea im sure its cheap when someone has the skills to quickscope someone but its totally legit when people are camping with f…ing motion sensors and launching noob tubes all game, just stop making games treyarch because both Waw and black ops are ruining the Call of Duty series both suck.

  13. I think josh is a little bitching p***y and should go f*** himself he has no idea how to make a good game black ops sucks josh fails at life treyarch blows d*** im sticking to cod 4 , it was the best cod and always will be your all p***ies when you say that you hate quickscopers and all u do is run around with ars and smgs, its just because you suck and cant quickscope, Black Ops = failure.

  14. WOW, u bunch of qs retards. how fuckin boring it is to just want 2 qs. bunch of pricks.

  15. cod 4 ftw. TA sssssux

  16. how fuckin boring it is to just want 2 spray. bunch of pricks.

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