No Zombies in COD7 Black Ops?

June 29, 2010 in Black Ops, NEWS

There will be NO Zombies in Treyarch’s Highly anticipated Call of Duty Black Ops (COD7). Before you get yourself into a tissy……….There is no definitive proof YET, but read on and tell me what YOU think!
I Discussed in this in an earlier POST and I now believe it will be Option 2. Treyarch will release COD7 with a “MW2 Spec Op” type Coop for 4 players….maybe calling it “Black Ops” and Sledgehammer Games is currently working on COD Zombies. Here is why I think that. cod7-zombie (I still would love to see it in COD7 two games in one)
I’ve been following Glen Schofield (Sledgehammer Studios) on twitter and then it hit me. Just some subtle post of his just rang out like a cow bell. I will post these and also some other info gathered from interviews with Glen. If you do not know him he was formerly with EA doing Visceral Games and CapCom (aka Dead Space and Resident Evil). Interesting backround huh….. Also, Zombies became popular enough to stand on its own, and Activision brought in SledgeHammer to “Bring in a new audience”. Anyways I will let you draw you own conclusions just do some research on Glen and follow him on twitter as well as SHGames and CODBUNKER for future clues.
Here is just SOME of the data that I have collected that forces me to believe that SH will do Zombies:

TheGhostRider83 What questions do you want answered? I can’t talk about my game yet though.
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TheGhostRider83 Don’t worry, the CoD series is alive and well. We’re making something great and Black Ops is amazing!
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codecow any predator movie and I’m first in line. Rodriguez doing it means mucho violence, gore and gallons of blood. All good.
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Just took a picture with Isaac Clarke Photo later. Condrey was scared of the plasma gun, but heck I created Isaac, he wouldn’t hurt me.
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II_F0XH0UND_II thanks, we’re going to create something epic. The design and story are going great. Team is world class. #shg
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Lots of job openings at Sledgehammer. Work on something you’ll never forget nor will be forgotten. This is big.
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In an interview with former Capcom Digital Studios’ Art Director, Glen Schofield, we found out that Capcom held a contest to re-name Bio Hazard, the original Japanese title. An employee at Capcom Digital Studios submitted the winning entry “Resident Evil.”

Interview from

Glen A. Schofield: Dead Space director & General Manager of EA Redwood Shores

Dead Space Horror (now rely on Horror): How did you get started in the industry?

Glen Schofield: I started as an artist. My first degree is in art and I’ve been drawing and painting my whole life. Believe it or not my first game was “Barbie Gamegirl”. They all thought it would be funny to give the new guy a Barbie game. Joke was on them-the game sold like crazy and I became the art director.

dsH: What is your favourite enemy/weapon and character of Dead Space?

Glen: I love the ripper-the saw blade you shoot out. Its graphic as hell and just messy. I also like the boot stomp. I find that highly satisfying to walk around and stomp the crap out of things. Enemy is a tough one, they all have their charms but its probably the divider just because he turns into so many little creatures and his paired kill on Isaac is great. My favorite character is of course Isaac.

dsH: Finally, is there anything you want to share with the fanbase, a comment/advice/anecdote/correction/critism?

Glen: I want to say “Thank you”! It has been a tremendous year for Dead Space and we are so lucky to have so much support from the industry and the fans. I can’t thank you all enough for the fan mail, the great compliments and even the criticisms that always help us make games better. All we want to do is make something great and something that people will enjoy playing. That’s what makes me and the team get out of bed each day. We appreciate you all for letting us make a game that has dismemberment at its core, exploding puss filled sacks, babies with tentacles and sick freakin’ pregnant monsters. Man, that’s just fun to put into words.



6 responses to No Zombies in COD7 Black Ops?

  1. Lol buckeye you are down with SHgames on twitter! You dont see one person talking to COD devs everday!!

  2. Gizmo,
    Do you think it’s cuz I may be on to something????
    Who knows, but if you research them, their crew seems to be bad azz, so I expect whatever they are doing to be beech’n. They seem to be more…….on the edge type crew, IMO of course, I suggest you follow them also. I’m real excited bout Black Ops, but I always like to look down the road too, especially since I’m so damn curious what’s going on with zombies. I thought it was stupid at first, and only after I got bored with MP on COD5, is when Verrückt was out and it was kinda kewl, then Der Reise with PaP, and Monkey bombs………how inventive was that?! If Sledge runs with this and adds things from their backround, hmmm…………….. ;-)


  3. Maybe you are noto something, Treyarch said they are bringing the BEST co op experience in black ops, and im sure GKNOVA6 has something to do with it, but its got to be pretty good if it tops Zombies.
    And if SH make a standalone game about zombies continuing from der riese im sure it will be very popular, if they get it done correctly and not too much like Left for dead / dead rising

  4. Dan said on July 6, 2010


  5. Treyarch did say that their not doing a campaign based game mode. Meaning it will not be like spec-ops from mw2.

    If SH does nazi zombies I will be dissapointed, because in australia a new xbox game is usually $120. So I’ll need $240 to buy both games. Although SH said that it will be the best ever game it might make buying it worthet.

    I still want good old treyarch made zombies it was the best!!!!!

  6. Jack,
    is it $120 US dollars???? OUCH! :-(

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