OOPS!!! COD Fans Accidently Blocked!

September 13, 2010 in NEWS

Well it seems that in CODBUNKER’s effort to keep this site secure, that we went OVERBOARD :( Sorry about that folks, but I’m sure MANY of you seen today that you were “Blocked” from the website. This was my error in making my first line of defense more secure and up to date but in the process blocked half the internet…..Whoopsy!!! Things should now be back to normal, (except for you evildoers LOL) let me know if all is well or if any of you are still having any issues.



2 responses to OOPS!!! COD Fans Accidently Blocked!

  1. Thanks for sorting this TC, it was quite hard to browse Codbunker through proxy’s :) lol

  2. way to go bunker!

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