Playstation MW3 Servers down 8:30 EST 11-28-11

November 28, 2011 in COD8, MultiPlayer, MW3, NEWS, PS3

Having issues playing Modern Warfare 3 on PSN. Me to……… I’ve informed the powers that be so hopefully it’ll be resolved soon. Follow CODBUNKER on twitter, I’ll let you know when it’s back, or just keep checking comments back here if you don’t have twitter………….. BUMMMER :(

UPDATE~~~ IT’s Back Up in most areas at 9:12 EST :)


41 responses to Playstation MW3 Servers down 8:30 EST 11-28-11

  1. Damn this sux

  2. 8:41 still down

  3. -.-

  4. I agree I just get the game 1 hour in it kicks me off

  5. I’m getting pissed, the official website says it’s up but all my friends got kicked to the main menu at the same time… is doing shit for me…

  6. any ideas when it’ll be up

  7. wtf i was stalin sayin ill go on 830 and look what hppn -_-

  8. Hey buckeye, who did u talk to? Just curious, I’m gonna try to find out when it’s fixed…

  9. grrrrrrr fucking PSNNNNNNN -______-

  10. From Activision at 8:45 EST
    @CODBUNKER It’s something we’re looking into

  11. im so tired of this bull….

  12. Worst possible timing, just got my first nuke and right as I called it in the servers crashed!! If you wanna watch it go to ugadgs9′s channel on YouTube.

  13. connor, no ideas when it’ll be up but I know they on it
    Jules, Activision

  14. I’m up

  15. I spoke to activision and they have no idea what the hell happened…well not in those exact words…i think it was a server crash..WHAT DO U THINK HAPPENED

  16. Is it back up yet?

  17. back up. who do i call ? my level dropped im pissed. give me a fuckin number!!!

  18. This is bullshit they better be fixing the lag problem and screen freezes

  19. VaBeach VA………ME is online at moment 8:51EST

  20. Th3-Chronikk, somebody bumped the wrong switch ;)

  21. its back up i need to knw who to call about my lvl dropping when i got back on….

  22. Im still down. Wtf

  23. lol the wrong switch……Im in texas and its still offline as of 7:55 PST

  24. I’m back up 8:56 EST

  25. Who wants gold clan tag? Message Cam5527 on PSN to get invite, tell him i sent you. We have 50 people right now and have custom titles and gold clan tag. If you are a founder and have the 500xp still, get in instantly! We are ApexPredators, a.k.a. A/p-

    well, as soon as the servers come back and u can use Cod Elit3 properly lol

  26. heY criptic rage they cant restore your level i had the same problem b4 and they dont do shit but their customer support # is (800) 255-6588

  27. oklahoma is off too

  28. Ohio here. Finally back up 9:00 EST

  29. Chicago, down…. God damnit

  30. MA still down!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!?????!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Its down for me and my friend i’m in Texas and my Friend is in Ohio any help plz

  32. Looks like lots are still down; however, they are coming up reminds me of the BLOPS blackout When they went down, they slowly rolled servers back on as to not CRASH them again by all at once……Patience they gitt’n there =)

  33. North Dakota Downz!!! Ohz Noz!

  34. fuck thissss lol it happened to me before but now im angryyy!!!! add me ps3 CRiPTiC_R4GE

  35. Th3-Chronikk is right ” they cant restore your level i had the same problem b4 and they dont do shit but their customer support # is (800) 255-6588″

    And if you get “Amber” on phone tell her CODBUNKER misses her =) on twitter

    Also tweet @ATVIAssist if u don’t like phone

  36. K peeps, Ima gonna get some game on, if you still having issues tweet me or ATVIASSIST (They are the official help, i do it cuz i feel ur pain)


  37. LOL i dnt wanna hang up now i wanna see if i get amber hahahahahahahaha

  38. Activision support staff, twitter and Phone are awesome peeps 4sure I’d haffa say that between Xbox support and Activision support….they are Tip of the Spear; however, Playstation support is non existent :(

  39. 925 and im still down

  40. Its 11:40 in Nova Scotia, Canada and the server is still down here. No ideas on when its back.

  41. In Germany the server down, too ! Fucking shit !

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