PS3 COD7 Black Ops WILL have Double XP!

May 7, 2011 in Black Ops, NEWS, PS3

Many Playstation Call of Duty Players, especially Black Ops are not only angry that the PSN is STILL down :( but to make it worse, many of you feel, that since ALL platforms are getting Double XP this weekend, that PS3 players will be left out in the cold……..NOT SO, Spread the word!!! There is a plan in the works by the very people that so many of you are bashing (Treyarch) along side of Sony, but keep your anger towards Sony, because, even though it’s NOT Treyarch’s falt that Sony has created the Mess of all Messes, they (Treyarch) are going to “compensate” PS3 peeps :) Now how kewl is that?! I will pass on the details as soon as I get them but here is the Intel to show, that they (3arc) has got ur back!

Tweets from David Vonderhaar
Game Design Director at Treyarch (who calls himself “The Mayor.” Which he basically is, LOL).

“FAQ: What about PSN 2x XP, will I miss out? A: Absolutely not. Details to come. A plan is being crafted with top men who own BIG watches.”

“PSN users must of missed the Tweet where I explicitly said you will have a make good. STOP YELLING AT ME.”



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