PS3, Droid, DirectTV to Network Storage (NAS)

December 13, 2010 in NEWS

Ok all, in my previous post, I talked of getting a new router (Netgear WNDR37AV-100NAS) and USB hard drive (Seagate 2 Terabyte GoFlex Desk) which created a NAS (Network Attached Storage) of 2 TB’s. So I wanted to provide a video to show those of you that may ask how to hook up your Playstation 3 to the NAS. When I went to do it; however, it was already done! So that would make for a short tute, so I decided to add in connecting my Droid the the NAS, and Attempting to connect Direct TV HD-DVR to PS3, etc….etc….Basically connecting everything….whooo haaaa haaa haaaa :D (So I’m a geek, and……….) Anyway I pretty much have my entire home network all attached, connected etc, with the exception of the Direct TV :( I can watch DTV from my HD-DVR using Directv2PC on all my computers so WHY NOT MY PS3??? Ummm the PS3 is a computer DirectTV & Sony!? I suggest that its time the DirecTV and SONY have a lil phone conference and hash out this tiny little detail to make it work, its not hard, just 2 companies and a lil chat, I’ll join if you want…….We’ll have a “Beer Summit” I’ll buy :) Then my/our network with PS3 will be in TOTAL bliss……..This goes for Xbox too, I’m not sure if you can connect DTV to Xbox but if not, well your invited to the “Beer Summit” also! There’s no reason in todays age we can connect our Droids to everything but not our Gaming/Media Consoles. Give us your comments people and also Tweet them with me to @DirecTV @SONY @Playstation


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  1. Direct TV does not currently have support for all types of computer “like” devices, such as a PS3. DISH Network has worked out a way to stream live TV or your recordings to any Android, Apple or PC device with adequate processing/memory. I have the employee Sling adapter that allows the streaming and it works great for me on my iPhone. Unfortunately PS3 is not supported on Sling yet either.

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