PS3 Firmware Update 3.40 is Live

June 28, 2010 in NEWS

At approximately 11:00pm June28, 2010 Playstation has rolled out its latest update 3.40. Per the description when you download it states:

“You can now edit and upload video content. You can edit video content that is saved on this system and upload to a video sharing website to share it with your friends. To use this feature, go to [Video Editor & Uploader]. You can now share your favorite photos with friends, using a photo sharing website. To use this feature, go to [Photo]>[Photo Gallery].”

I haven’t used it yet, but it seems you can now use the PS3 to upload straight to your Youtube and Picasa type accounts.
Also included is Power Saving settings, Facebook enhancements, and “Playstation Plus” (a subscription based service package for the PSN). PS+ offers exclusive services and content on June 29, 2010, worldwide. PlayStation Network users will be able to purchase membership (I think $50 USD) to PlayStation Plus, providing members with extra options to enhance their gaming experience and enable them to gain a special set of features and content (This does not mean access to exclusive DLC that Microsoft paid for i.e. you will still have to wait a month for COD maps on the PS3). Even if you don’t have premium PS+, you will continue to have free access to PSN as normal.


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