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February 21, 2010 in NEWS

I have a Droid, from Verizon and I thought about making an app to integrate PSN Friends List with it to see who was on playing Modern Warfare 2. Well somebody has already done that and that would be PS3 Argentina. I have used this app for about a month now and love it. It works on any Android OS phone. Many of you IPhone users have enjoyed this feature for a while, but now the new Droid has it too. Below is a cut and paste from on Feb 21, 2001 (images from there also) discussing their awesome product (its free BTW). But now I can at anytime with the flip of a finger see who is on and what they are playing, as well as, compare our trophies. I highly recommend this App.

About Friends List

Hi everyone.

After receiving many mails and seeing some comments I think I have to explain a couple of things.

1.This app work with any account, no matter what country you are. Just make sure to login at least once at . Thats where I get all the information. (I’m not able to login on US site, and US doesn’t have all the trophies info like rock band beatles, gow, and a couple more)

2.To use friend list, go to “Settings” and enter your PSN information. Make sure you check “Use Login Information”
Then go to Menu- “Refresh”, once logged, friend button will be available to use.

3.SMS just send SMS, It not sends messages to PSN accounts. To use this function you hav to long tap on a friend, choose “Link Contact” and pick a contact from your address book. After that send SMS will be enabled.

Please, leave a comment on this post if you have any question or trouble getting this app to work.



ps3trophies1 ps3trophies2


2 responses to PS3 Friends List on your Droid phone

  1. What’s the app called because when I search ‘PS3 Argentina’ it doesn’t recognise it?

  2. Lewis,

    Its called PS3 Trophies. There are two apps, but I found this one to be the best.
    If you search on your “Market” just PS3 both should show up, then select ps3 trophies.


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