PS3 MW2 Update 1.11

July 6, 2010 in Modern Warfare 2, NEWS

There is a 16Mb download (not much) of update 1.11 on PS3 for Modern Warfare 2. More than likely this will add the “New Maps available” on bottom screen like before in DLC #1. Then all Map Pack 1 (Stimulus) will fall into the rest of playlist and Map Pack 2 “Resurgence” will have its OWN spot on game types. In other words, more than likely just a shift around, re-organize type stuff. Oh and don’t forget there were supposed to be some games that are “Killstreak Free”, PS3 was also promised Double XP, I am logging on now to check (now that I have updated to 1.11.

Just like I said above:
There is “New Map Pack Available”, two “Barebones Pro” and “Resurgence with and without HC”
That’s the latest at 11:08 EST



10 responses to PS3 MW2 Update 1.11

  1. mark said on July 6, 2010

    ugh i just downloaded 1.11 i cant find the map pack in ps3 store

  2. mark,
    its not there yet, the 1.11 was just like stated in post, doesn’t mean its in the store yet, I just tried doing a “search” on “resurgence” and nothing, usually this will show on search before it shows in the “add-ons” section….I’m still waiting on response from IW and PS3, still nothing…………….Follow me on twitter, or just check back here, as soon as I know I will tweet/retweet and it will show tweets on right side of page here if you don’t have twitter………………

  3. Lee said on July 6, 2010

    Oi…I tried starting a private match and going into one of the stimulus maps and for some odd reason i cant select it…any idea of why this is happening? I already bought the stimulus map pack when it came out so idk what else it could be. help. please and thank you.

  4. *stimulus has been replaced with *resurgance due to 1.11

  5. flashes dont make a white screen anymore stuns just slow u down harder but dont let of a lil smoke

  6. hgrg,

    Yea, I’ve noticed that too, good catch!

  7. when is the new update coming for the ps3

  8. My PS3 is having an error when I’m trying to download it. What’s wrong?

  9. what website do you get patch 1.11

  10. GoHard,
    It should “tell” you to update when you log on and launch game then start download, if this is not working (It seems others are having this issue) I will find out where to download it manually to do a manual (USB stick) install………………

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