PS3 Out of Memory 14 Error

November 10, 2011 in COD8, Infinity Ward, MultiPlayer, MW3, NEWS, PS3, Sledgehammer

Are you getting frustrated with the blasted error “outofmemory15″ on you PS3 console while playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3? Well you not the only ones! This is occuring to almost half of the peeps that I’ve played with online, and I’ve had it happen 4 times yesterday, and expect that in a few minutes when I log on, I will have to deal with it again. For some of you it seems to be very often, some (like myself) minimual…yet still frustrating. I am currently seeking assistance with Activision Support and PSN to get some intel on this and will pass it on shortly. I’m curious; however, is anybody on Xbox seeing this? What consoles are you seeing it on. Myself, I’m seeing it on a PS3 Slim. Any “fatboy” PS3′s seeing it? The more data we gather the better we can inform the “fixers” to resolve this.

Typically with me, it happens as a game is loading (after w8n forever in a lobby) then screen goes black and error occurs, and your off the games connection (i.e. IWNET)



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  1. yep man same thing. playing on a 160 gig slim.

  2. Yeah I got the same shit, beside that also a lot of problems getting into a lobby especially when I teamup with friends. It takes ages to get in a lobby. When I’m by my self it loads for a match and then springs back to the main menu saying error connexxion with the call of duty/activision (NO HELP at ALL). I got a fat 60gb ps3 and a slim 120gb and it does it on both. My internet is great 4 green bars but in the game it keeps on lagging badly!!!

    I get sick and tired that ps3 always has problems, they only make the games perfect for Xbox due that Microsoft pay money to the developers to bring out there DLC first and then just convert it to a ps3 DLC.

    I’m gonna trade mine for a xbox version, it has been like this for ages and Sony keeps on accepting this so I don’t care if Sony lose Customers. It was with Black Ops MW2 and now MW3, I don’t expect much only then a game working fine, we pay a lot of money for it and it’s even original.

  3. hiya
    I get it to on the ps3 slim 320gb it’s a bloody pain in the bum

  4. I WAS getting ALL the time!!! I was on hold with Activision last night for 3 hours. To find out that this is a new problem and they don’t know whether this is a issue with PS3 consoles, or MW3? I tried putting a new MW3 in my system and it has worked fine all day…up until this evening I got this error once thus far. Lucky for me when I took the MW3 back to game stop they replaced it with a new one for free….But here we are again trying to figure out why this is happening? My Ps3 was bought in March so it’s not that old so I really don’t think the PS3 is the problem here. Still not sure though? Please let me know if you figure it out!! Thanks=)

  5. Oh and by the way I am playing on a 160GB PS3.

  6. i get the same massage but it says out of memory 7

  7. Yeah man, I get this “Out of memory” error and “Server timed out” kick from lobby, each of the 4 different times I’ve played on 60GB fatty.
    Also noticed there’s some horrible lag every time the “host” player quits & it completes the host migration.

  8. i have mw3 for 360 cuz my ps3 is out of commission at the moment. i havent had any issue w that error message and ive put some serious time in on that game.

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