PS3 Software Update 3.50

September 21, 2010 in NEWS

Playstation has released firmware update 3.50. This latest update seems to be primarily for Blu-ray 3D operation; however, here is what is stated at the download screen:

Playback of Blu-Ray 3D discs is now supported.
If you output video from this system using HDMI to a TV that supports 3D, you can enjoy intense 3D video content.

* “Blu-ray 3D” is a trademark of the Blu-ray Disc Association

Here is more info from the Playstation Blog:

* Facebook Integration: Developers will be able to create PS3 games that have deep interaction with Facebook. Once compatible PS3 titles are available, PS3 users can choose to access their information on Facebook – including user name, profile, photos and friends list – to enhance their gameplay experience.

* Grief Reporting Function: Users can send claim reports directly from the XMB for any inappropriate messages they receive from other PlayStation Network users. This feature is accessible from the option menu of the messages list in the FRIENDS category.

It is not a small download, yet it is not huge either.



5 responses to PS3 Software Update 3.50

  1. I don’t know if anyone is having this problem but it messed up my connection to PSN. I cannot connect because it keeps saying my password is not correct(which i know it is), and when I push the forgot password link it says ERROR!!! I’m not happy about this hopefully it resolves itself soon.

  2. BB,
    I’m checking on that now……..
    Anybody else have this issue??????????????

  3. i was reading those notable tweets and it says that that was a possibility during the time i tried. i havent tried since but ill let you kno when i get back home from work.

  4. Yeh, i nice update which messes up our PSN,.

  5. I didn’t have any problems with this update. Hopefully it’s fixed for you guys, though.

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