PS3 Update 3.42 Blocks “JailBreak”

September 7, 2010 in NEWS

PS3-HackSony has released the firmware update version 3.42. It is a small update that apparently blocks the USB Jail Break Exploit which would allow players to use pirated “back up” games via a USB key. “PSGroove” and “PSFreedom” are also reportedly blocked with this update. Sony got this update out in about a week since some companies were selling these USB “Jail Breaks”. So the Saga continues on the Hackers vs the Console, LOL. So when you log on there will be a small update which does not take long, and CODBUNKER is currently testing with no issues so far (Sometimes updates create other issues………..)



4 responses to PS3 Update 3.42 Blocks “JailBreak”

  1. hey bunker… can you email my login info to me again… i wanna start posting stuff again! thanks

  2. get to it in just a second…………
    I will reset for you then you can change it………….

  3. Josh,
    I emailed you info……… reply…………..

  4. I am dissapointed, i wanted to get some hacks on the go

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