PS3 Update 3.55 is a “Jailbreak Block” of 3.50 firmware

December 7, 2010 in Black Ops, NEWS

ps3-3.50-jailbreakIt has happened once again, just when we (and Sony) underestimated the “hackers/jailbreakers” of doing the “impossible” PS3 firmware 3.50 has been Jailbroke!!! Official stated release of the 3.55 firmware update from Playstation:

Posted by Eric Lempel // VP, Network Operations Americas
“A new PS3 system software update, v3.55, will be released soon. This is a minor update that adds a security patch.”

But CODBUNKER did some research (and it didn’t take long) to figure out what I expected that it REALLY was and it was in fact that 3.50 has been hacked! Hopefully this won’t mean some of the crap that we seen run rampant on MW2 towards its “end of life” (aka before next Studio Release); however, I fear that this will bring on the lobby’s that you get thrown into where every care package in COD7 Black Ops will be Dogs or Chopper Gunner or Gun Ship, just like what happened in Modern Warfare!

Here is more info found at:

“PS3 firmware 3.50 is now jailbreakable without a downgrade.

Jailbreaking Sony’s PlayStation 3 console was easy as pie before Sony broke the exploit in firmware version 3.42, meaning that anyone who wanted to run games that required a firmware version above 3.41 had to go through a convoluted process of downgrading to 3.41, jailbreaking, then upgrading from there.

It was a pickle, but never underestimate the jailbreaking community’s resilience: Team X3 has just managed to jailbreak the PS3 official firmware 3.50 using the X3 Max PS3 dongle, without any downgrading beforehand.

It’s great news, albeit to existing owners of the X3Max PS3 jailbreaking super dongle: the ability to easily hack 3.50 PS3 devices should be a free update for existing customers. Not only will the jailbreak run homebrew, but it’ll also allow you to run games like Gran Turismo 5 that depend on firmware version 3.50 in order to function.

It just goes to show: once the cat is out of the jailbreaking bag, there’s just not a lot you can do to keep the hackers down. Sony’s lost this battle once before with the PlayStation Portable… looks like they’re about to lose it again with the PlayStation 3.”


2 responses to PS3 Update 3.55 is a “Jailbreak Block” of 3.50 firmware

  1. I too hope that we don’t start seeing the same lobbies and glitches going on that we did with MW2 as that ruined the game and for it to happen this early on in BO’s life would kill the game.

    Even potentially kill any future games made along the same genre (ie Call of Duty). personally i would probably sell my copy of BO’s if it got to the same proportions as MW2.

    I have already Seen several people boosting (Blantantly Boosting mind) i don’t mind a bit of boosting here and there but along the same lines that is used to happen with tac insertions, also seen people cheating, as i watch several forums to see what cheats or glitches are out there to look out for them some for fun (ok i can accept that) but like the combat training prestige glitch i have seen serveral people that have done this, they have got 5 or 6 prestige in about 2.5 to 3 days now unless you are a GOD on this game that is impossible.

    You can tell when they are in the lobby as i look at the high prestige playercards just for interest, but when it comes back with 2 – 3 days you know somethings amiss. Even Pro-Swag who in my mind is nearly a GOD on this game is only prestige 4 (i think) after 2 – 3 days with good ratios. Plus when your in the game they are terrible players.

    What do you CODBUNKER followers think on the Matter

  2. These lobbies are coming for sure.
    Xbox allready have those Lobbies, 1 kill level up.

    It’s the same as MW2, first Xbox got it, later PS3..
    You can’t stop this. The hackers are ready smart.

    And at v3.55 u can still enter Factory/Service Mode.
    It’s only the question, when will they Jailbreak it?

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