PS3-XBOX Port Forwarding-DMZ-NAT

January 21, 2010 in Modern Warfare 2, NEWS receives a lot of traffic, posts, and questions on this subject. Mostly from the post Communication with Activision Servers.
Here is a generic tutorial to help with this problem. It is my belief that most problems with this issue is from router setup and PS3 or XBOX setup. Activision had server problems (mostly with PS3 Network) on release date. They have since then resolved this issue, months ago. They are sure to have occasional issues with thier servers during upkeep and equipment failures, but those should be rare and short lived. That leaves us with your setup.

First you must setup your game system (PS3 or XBOX). I will show the PS3 since this is what I use, but the concept should work on both. If somebody wants to post a comment on the EXACT specifics for XBOX you are more than welcome.

System setup:
In the XMB screen (main screen before you launch game)
Go to “Settings” and select “Network Settings”
Then first we must find your MAC address
this is shown under “Settings and Connection Status List”
Write this down for use on you router later.

Internet Connection Settings

Next under “Settings” and “Network Settings” (where you were)
Select “Internet Connection Settings”
Setup your Internet Connection Manually “Custom”
Most settings you can use “Auto”

If you do not have a “NAT” setting to use on your router
Then you will have to setup just a “DMZ” which requires you
to setup a “Static IP address” vs using DHCP

If your router allows for NAT then use all settings for automatic just make sure that you set UpnP to Enable.

Without NAT you will have to “DMZ”
For this you will have to set you IP Address using manual
here is an example (some are different you have to know your basic network settings from your router) Some use some use some use, etc you will have to figure your router out. Most “Subnets” are

Here is the example:
IP address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Router:
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS: (not needed)

IP Settings

Now to the Router.
Open a browser and where the http address line is type in your routers IP
ex. and hit the enter key
this will bring you to the log in screen
Your ISP may have set this up for you or you may have and forgot the password
if this is the case you can reset the router to default with a small reset button usually located
on the rear of router. (If you have to do this you will have to setup your network settings again including your wireless if you have one) If you know your login then proceed.
here is the defaults for most routers:
admin admin
admin password
admin motorola
admin 1234
myname myemailpw
myemailpw=Password to log into your email)

I will give example using Motorola SBG900 (very common cable modem)

Select “Gateway” then at top the “LAN” tab
here you will enter your MAC address and checkmark “bypass firewall then click add
Then select enable NAT and hit apply (you will have to reboot router when told)
Reboot your PS3 and when you log on you should not see on MW2 lobby screen


Easy Huh! LOL

If you don’t have a NAT setup so easy, then let’s just “DMZ” it (De-Militarized Zone)
Find in your router DMZ settings:
Add your MAC address, your static IP address you created in PS3/XBOX setup
checkmark either “set to DMZ” or “Bypass Firewall”
Reboot router, and gamestation and you should see
“NAT Type: Open”…………YOUR DONE!


Hope this helps or gets you in the right direction, if this is too advanced for you please seek help with a “techie” friend or family member.



7 responses to PS3-XBOX Port Forwarding-DMZ-NAT

  1. what is this for? lol

  2. Nick,
    To get your NAT TYPE set to OPEN. Also, some peeps have connection problems and this may help. Clears up router issues.

  3. I have D-Link router and my ip adress is I tried all the usernames and passwords to log in but they are all wrong so please help !!!

  4. Salem,
    There is a master reset switch (usually on the rear of unit, a small button), hitting it will reset router to default state.
    ***This will also remove your current settings, possibly interupting internet connection***
    So you may have to contact your local ISP to ensure your connection to them will not be interupted.
    Here is a good link I found that may help you:

  5. I searched very well for the reset button but I can’t find it
    I have a DSL-264OU
    Thanks for the help anyway !!!

  6. PLEASE CHECK front page of CODBUNKER for the latest on this!!!

  7. Ive tried port forwarding and it said im overlapping ports 3074 and the DMZ it keeps saying error bad format im post this is for black ops 2 I also have sbg900

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