PSN Code Generator Message Scam

April 20, 2010 in NEWS

I received a tweet stating that there is a massive email / message scam going on with the Playstation Network. I found 3 sources and believe that is the original source. I’m not so sure that it is true but will suggest to be careful and keep an eye on you PSN account. I did receive a message like that and opened it, and so far nothing. That does not mean I am not watching my account and credit card. Read the content from ironstarmovement and use your good judgment (its always good to delete spam messages anyway).

From ironstarmovement as of 4/20/2010:

“The PlayStation Network Is Under Attack”
“Users on the PlayStation Network have been reporting some serious issues regarding PlayStation Network code generator websites, these generator websites have reportedly hacked into people’s personal info through PSN. Unfortunately, our Ironstar comrade Dom Guerrera was a victim of this new attack against PlayStation Network users. In his situation a credit card stored on his account was charged around $350 worth of PlayStation Network content that he didn’t authorize. There has been a slew of chain letters circling around the PlayStation Network with URLs linking to these code generator websites; it is believed that these websites are loop hole hacks to obtain your personal information, opening them could be dangerous. Inside of the chain letter reported to effect your PlayStation Network account there is a link to a code generator website for “free” PlayStation Network content. Details on this situation are still coming in, we have contacted Sony for a response.

If you believe you have opened one of these tainted messages immediately do the following:

* Delete your credit card information off of your PlayStation Network account using the official PlayStation website.
* Change your email and password for your PlayStation Network account using the official PlayStation Network website.
* Contact Sony PlayStation customer service 1800-345-7669, also contact your credit or debit card customer service representative.
* Check your email tied to your PlayStation Network account for suspicious purchases.

As a precaution to these unknown hacks on against PlayStation Network users we recommend that you:

* Delete any random chain messages, even if they are from friends. There is a way to view a small segment of messages sent to you on the PlayStation Network. If you suspect a message to be a chain letter containing the hack view the message (WITHOUT OPENING IT) by pressing (x) twice on the sent user’s profile.
* Block users who send you chain messages.”

Furthermore; I don’t believe that a chain message can be opened and launch “trojan horse” on the PSN (But I have been wrong before) so I’m still not buying it yet until Sony releases a statement or it is on an “actual” Major News outlet………………I wouldn’t be surprised if ironstar started the chain then created the news in order to draw attention to their site (pure speculation on my part, but not improbable)



8 responses to PSN Code Generator Message Scam

  1. Still haven’t heard any “news”, looking like a scam of a scam LOL

  2. I have been getting chain mail from random people but nothing like that! I just delete it and block the person that sent it.

  3. I got a new update on my ps3 last night do u now what that was about?

  4. I’m gonna post on it later, but it basically brings 3D to PS3 for 3D games, and also does something with your trophies so you can “brag” bout them easier or something………….plus I’ll bet monitoring on if your bypassing their linux removal patch (just a hunch on my part)

  5. Well ii ahve seen an email like this, it was called! WTF EXPLAIN!
    I t was from my mate so i opened it tand it had a code to a website which said invite all your friends.
    I was like gtfo

  6. i just want to know if it works, i have been trying to download it for so long. i am not worried if they get my information i have no credit card. but i am poor and have nothing to pay for a psn card. if you can tell me were to find a download it would greatly help

  7. Garrett,
    First, I deleted your “Here’s my email post” You filled it out when you posted first time so I have it…..


    If you read the Post, you know this is a scam! There is NO Generator. Sorry to hear you are “poor” but all I can suggest is to save your money and get it the “old fashioned” way like the rest of us…….OR…Sometimes we run contests and give away’s to members, also if you follow my “Tweet” section on the right hand side
    of website, when PSN, IW, Treyarch, etc are giving them awayI post those there also, so check there frequently also.
    BEFORE you ask, we are not running any contests at this time but will be soon in the near future.


  8. Yo i never used the Generator before i just want to asked if any one know how to use it for (PLAYSTATION 3)AND GUYS IF ANY ONE WANT TO ADD ME ON PLAYSTATIONN 3 MY NAME IS HERE FOR U IT’S GAA12EE OK THANKS YOU …

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