June 5, 2010 in Black Ops, Modern Warfare 2, NEWS, World at War

Ever get the Failed to connect to Playstation Network DNS Error? I kept getting it this morning and assumed it must be the DNS server for my ISP (Verizon DSL in Virginia, USA)….So I looked up DNS servers to try as different ones to confirm and viola, I am now logged into PSN. So this may or not help you, but here is a list I came up with. You have to enter these into the Network Settings where its says DNS IP address (Using Custom, not Easy setup). A DNS server is an interpreter of what you are looking for and sends you to what you want. All things connected via TCP/IP (Internet) have a 4 digit “Phone Number” (not really a phone number but good example) it consist of something like this for example if I ping google the dns server comes back and tells me it is pinging “its phone number” so the dns server interpreted google’s URL into Hope I didn’t confuse you more, but here is a list of useful IP addresses:

Free Public DNS Server List:




OpenDNS (Old GTE ones still in service)

OTHER Notable IP Addresses:

PSN login server IP addresses and regions:





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  1. I just had set up my dns and ip and gateway manually on my new pc , took a long time since it dosnnt like my software..

  2. dangit bunker u missed it today i pulled off a 360 inervention quick scope game winning kill cam jumping off of rust then the next game i had a 360 throwing knive kill jumping off the roof on highrise

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