QuickScope Fails in COD7 Black Ops

January 1, 2011 in Black Ops, Modern Warfare 2, NEWS

Has the “QuickScope” come back to Call of Duty Black Ops? You decide, but IMHO it is a VERY lame attempt at satisfying the tens of thousands out there that have become so accustomed to it from COD6 Modern Warfare 2. In MW2 it was quite a smooth operation (even though there was “aim assist”) you had to actually be “on target” for the kill. With Treyarch’s attempt to bring it to COD7 in the last update 1.04, even though they said QS would not exist in Black Ops (read Previous Post “No QuickScope In Black Ops” ) ,so far it has turned out to be extremely lame. Now we see tons of people killing you with a L96A1 without hardly even having to aim. We’ve all seen it, watching our kill cams and WONDER how in the hell that the sniper actually killed you when he wasn’t even aiming at you. WTF!? You know what I mean. Don’t get me wrong, I think that MW2 had it going on with the QS but this lame attempt by Treyarch for COD7 is a total fail. PLEASE FIX THIS! If your going to put QS back into the game (even though you said you weren’t) then make it somewhat believable (plug in MW2 and check it out, you will gain a better understanding). It sometime seems as if the bullet getting fired from the Sniper is at least 3 feet wide?! Below is a game clip of a “Fail” IMHO rather than a “2 kills with one bullet” There is NO WAY he got BOTH of them, let alone one. You decide, is it beast or is it FAIL?


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