Sledgehammer Games Hires Community Manager?

October 23, 2010 in NEWS, Sledgehammer

COD Black Ops is priority in the News as its only 17 days from launch; however, there is some big news with the 3rd Call of Duty Studio “Sledgehammer Games” (surely you know the other two: Infinity Ward and Treyarch).
Michelle Gallego (Senior Recruiter for Sledgehammer Games/Activision) Tweeted the following:

“CODBUNKER you’ll be happy to know that we’re finally hiring a community manager. I didn’t get the job but thanks for the compliment ;)

****UPDATE to this post 11/18/2010*****
Here is a tweet from SH’s VP/COO Michael Condrey in a reply to “Have you hired a CM yet”….

“@NuckFuggets Not yet. We are actively looking for the right CM for this world class franchise. Right now, @GlenSchofield and I are best bet.”



So in the near future we will be looking forward to meeting and welcoming to the Call of Duty community the “Face to the Force” of the Sledgehammer Games! We will let you know WHO that person is and make sure that you follow them just like you should be doing with fourzerotwo (Robert Bowling/IW) and jd_2020 (Josh Olin/TA) and don’t forget SHG is HIRING still per other tweets from Michelle:

“Calling all FX Artists – Sledgehammer Games is hiring!”

“Sledgehammer Games is hiring Environment Artists…”

“Sledgehammer is hiring! Check out our jobs:”


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