Sony is NOW proud to RT Hacks on their Devices?

February 21, 2011 in NEWS, PS3

If this is not the one of the biggest “Bonehead” Re-tweets by a Billion dollar corporation of all time, then I do not know what is, LOL! Sony, (the Billion dollar Corp. and manufacturer of the PlayStation 3 that is suing Geohot for “Hacking” the PS3 ) just Re-Tweeted a hack on another device of theirs……..The PlayStation Move!!! As if they were proud of it? “Hey folks look at how cool our stuff is when people hack it!” Below is the RT which originated by @Engadget.


And where exactly did Engadget get their info on this cool little “hacked” device?? According to their site:
Engadget’s Source: Hack-A-Day (HOW APPROPRIATE) and Hack-A-Day’s Source:

:-o YES……HACK-A-DAY :-o

Here is part of the article as seen on

“PlayStation Move, turntable used to track the Earth’s rotation
By Joseph L. Flatley posted Feb 21st 2011 2:50PM”

“contraption, called Copernitron, features a PlayStation Move controller, a turntable, and a homebrew”

Whaaaa….. DID HE SAY HOMEBREW!!!???

“Helmholtz coil (you know, for canceling out interference caused by our planet’s magnetic field). By sending data to a Linux PC via Bluetooth, this bad boy will measure the Earth’s rotation, find geographic north, and determine altitude.”………………

Whaaaa….. DID HE SAY LINUX computer!!!??? Man, that’s too bad they didn’t have “Other OS” Feature on their PS3, cause then they could’ve just used that and maybe obtained a Sony turntable, and it would be a complete SONY device………..too bad, I guess :P

……….”And while the PS Move gyros are much more accurate than those of any other controller on the market, they’re not too accurate: if they were, the designer points out, “ITAR might classify them as missile components. ”

So IMHO I think Sony just hand delivered the outcome of Sony v. Geohot to favor Geohot. You can’t Boast of one hack of a device of yours, yet sue on another………….I don’t care how many lawyers you have, that is just ludicrous. I really can’t stop laughing right now ;)


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  1. lol sweet hack a day is a awesome site ive known about it for a while

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