Sony Playstation E3 Announcments

June 15, 2010 in Black Ops, Modern Warfare 2, NEWS

Today Sony introduced (officially) 3 major updates/enhancements to its PlayStation Platform at the E3 event. Sony Playstation Network Plus (PSN PLUS) was announced for $50.00 USD per year. Subscribers will get Loads of “premium” content, which include hundreds of dollars of products , early access to betas, and Qore throughout the year. Regular PSN will continue as normal (aka no Pay to Play like Xbox Live). Also introduced was the Playstation MOVE (basically supercharged+++ WII contollers) for about $50.00 USD arriving in September, and the 3D gaming coming to all PS3′s, lots of titles will have the 3D and all PS3′s are already 3D ready. We will keep you up to date on new Xbox, Playstation, and of course Call of Duty announcements from the E3 event.



3 responses to Sony Playstation E3 Announcments

  1. Anybody gonna pay the $50 bucks???? im on the fence bout it….but more than likely..prolly will…its for a year..heres a ?…if ya pay the $50 do you get the mappacks when they come Xbox…or would we have to wait a month to get always…just a thought

  2. Not to sure bout this, im not going to be doing it and i hope they dont make ps3 pay to play (i know there not right now but) otherwise i will be selling it and getting an xbox as this is the reason i go tmy ps3, free online and ps2 playback

  3. Kinnamon,
    No, you won’t get the “Map Packs” any sooner because Microsoft just inked deal to get them early I think up until 2012. It was announced at E3 conference, I will create a post in a minute with details

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