Sony PS3 New Terms of Service & User Agreement

February 17, 2011 in NEWS, PS3

I tried to log onto Sony’s PSN (Playstation Network) from Call of Duty Black Ops (COD7) and it would not allow me to sign in. I got the error:

“You must select [PlayStation Network]>[Sign In] and sign in to continue using Playstation Network. If a game or other software is running, quit the software and then perform this operation.

Turns out (after I backed out of COD Black Ops) that this was so when I signed in from just the XMB they could make me go through the Acceptance of yet another Terms of Service/User Agreement. It seems this is becoming a monthly chore now :( All their legal mumbo jumbo seems to change faster than the weather does.

sony-ps3-terms-of-serviceBut anyways you’ll hafta do this before you can play any of your games online. From the “Gist” of it, it looked as if they wanted to add legal crap about “Qriocity” a streaming audio/video service of theirs, but I also noticed some stuff about how they may gather some info to “Target Ad” you (so it seemed to me) and that some games in future will have Advertisements in them target to you so that you will “like” that, you know, only seeing ads that you care about (*sarcasm*) which also sounds to me that (I’m guessing here) that if you are a Paying Playsation Plus person then you will be spared these ads……

Just remember I stated that here………..I’m sure it’s coming.

Ho Hum :(


2 responses to Sony PS3 New Terms of Service & User Agreement

  1. The same thing was happening to me and they are correct it is because of some new agreement jargon. Like everyone else, i tried to login 10 times (cursing each time) also attempted to login to PS network .. No Dice! Finally i wanted to be sure my browser worked so i opened up internet browser, it worked went back to ps network attempted to sign in again, was able to sign in then. Had to then accept all the BS that no one reads and then was able to login again. What a waste of 30 minutes i will never get back again!

    Hope this helps someone else!

  2. how do you get to where you you accept all the terms and crap…i dont even know how to get to that?

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