Sony wins order to “Inspect” Geohot’s PS3

February 12, 2011 in NEWS, PS3

Sony Corp. has won a court order to review/inspect Geohot’s Playstation 3 that was used to crack the PS3′s code. Many of you know already that George Hotz (aka Geohot) has broken Sony Playstation 3′s “Root” code, which enables PS3 owners to install what is called “Homebrew” applications on the PS3 giving ability to backup games, and install other files that alter other games. Such as we’ve seen with the now “Basically Unplayable” Modern Warfare 2. I haven’t played MW2 in a while for fear of running into these “Challenge Lobbies” where people can alter all of your stats as well as totally beast on you by being in “God” mode. Reports from many of you is almost 50% of the online MP games you enter are now like this, making it unplayable.

This of course is very sad for Infinity Ward, Call of Duty, and all of us as a whole. This part of the equation obviously upsets COD fanatics like you and I; however, IMHO this was not Geohot’s goal, to render MW2 unplayable. His stated goal was to “Bring Linux back to PS3″. The Playstation did have the ability to install and run Linux on its platform and Sony MARKETED this feature (one reason I went with PS3 vs Xbox at first) then Sony removed that capability, something they marketed as a “feature”, other features were Blu-Ray player, can they decide to remove this feature too? Why isn’t anybody suing Sony for removing a feature that enticed some of us to purchase this product? Answer: Sony = “Big Guy, limitless money” you and I = “Little Guy, limited money”.

Given this I fully support Geohot to bring back Linux, or anybody for that matter. My hardware, (stressing MY HARDWARE) is mine and a la iPhone which Apple lost its lawsuit that the Digital Millennium Copyright Act does not allow a manufacturer the right to tell you what software to put on your hardware. Now DMCA would protect the altering of Gamefiles such as those in MW2 because (Sony’s and IW’s) “software” is theirs and is protected. But based on the iPhone case, I should be able to install and Android OS on my PS3……….PERIOD if I choose.

Most of the above are CODBUNKER’s opinion that I believe are “common sense” facts, but back to what we are really about is Call of Duty………And I DO HOPE that IW fixes this issue, and hope SONY takes its responsibility in this matter as well and works with Activision to fix the games. Furthermore, I do not advocate the ruining the COD games that I am so addicted to and love to play, so please don’t look at this the wrong way. The “evil ones” that are doing this to MW2…..Take “them” out Sony, not Geohot! This is as simple as this analogy: Ruger invents “the Gun” then Susan buys a gun and shoots Steve, then Steve (who survived “in my storyline” :) ) sues Ruger for making the gun………Ludicrous!!! Susan did the crime, using a tool that Ruger created.

I do agree that Sony should protect its proprietary software; however, it should not be allowed to take away things that it marketed to us to make a sale. SONY THAT IS WRONG. So IMHO this is why Geohot did what he did, not to render MW2 unplayable but to get back what he was sold, that “Big Corp” stole away after selling it (talking about Linux “other OS” feature).

News from
“Meanwhile, Sony is threatening to sue [.pdf] anybody posting the code, even though Sony accidentally tweeted it earlier this week.
Sony’s attorney, Gilliland, said the Japanese console maker has been sending out an undisclosed number of DMCA “takedown” notices to websites demanding the code’s removal.
Sony is also asking Judge Illston to order Google to surrender the IP addresses [.pdf] and other identifying information of those who have viewed or commented about the jailbreak video on Hotz’ private YouTube page. The game maker is also demanding that Twitter provide the identities of a host of hackers who first unveiled a limited version of the hack in December.”

If you are allowed to do this, then the US Government should have the right to go after and sue anybody that has viewed or copied anything from WikiLeaks and force Google and Twitter to provide this info so they can………..RIGHT? LMAO, this is insanity! Bottom line: Sony you have received a “black eye”, fix the problems with your console/code, but do not blame somebody else because you screwed up. Do you all remember Xbox JTAG’rs? Didn’t Xbox (Microsoft) handle this issues in a “Corporate, Responsible” way? Kudos to MS and Xbox!!! Boo!! to SONY for going the way of Apple, yet taking it to a further extreme. When (not if) you lose this insane lawsuit Sony, I may just root all my PS3′s and created Linux computers out of them and just play Call of Duty on Xbox Live :P

Well that’s CODBUNKER’s “Ranting” on this subject, what do you think, is this “fair use” or is it Corporate Power trying to tell us which toilet paper to buy?


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  1. I 100% agree twice.

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