Suggestions for PS3′s XMB

June 12, 2010 in NEWS

Ever been playing Call of Duty and you need….let’s say 2 more players on your team? You check you Friends list, but don’t see your “CORE” group on so you start sorting through the many others online and see some potential candidates, yet for the life of me you can’t remember “How do I know this person?”, “Is this person good or a camper, etc?” Wouldn’t it be kewl if we could add a note next to their name!


normal: BuckeyeTC
updated: BuckeyTC (Friend of Iain58)


normal: Death_By_Me75
updated: Death_By_Me75 (Camper)

Just be able to put in parenthesis a note next to name, I will tweet this idea to Sony Playstion!
Does the Xbox have anything like this, if not let me know, I’ll suggest to them also!

Do you have any other suggestions for the consoles we use? Post them in commments and lets use the social networking power to let them know and maybe they’ll make improvements we like ( unlike removing my LINUX :-( )



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