Treyarch’s Black Ops “First Look”

May 28, 2010 in Black Ops, NEWS

Finally, the gag has been lifted on those “fortunate sons” (Play on the Vietnam era…song by CCR) that were invited to attend the “First Look” at Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops! Wow, I have been reading most of their posts and any news I can find on the internet regarding the First Look. I must say I was already somewhat excited, even though it is still 6 months until release date, but more and more I am becoming VERY excited. I will try and summarize them all together into one later in this post, but first let me tell you WHY the excitement is building.

If you know the COD history, then you know Infinity Ward has been the #1 COD design group and Treyarch has been the “little brother”. We also have seen recently the Studio Heads and other employees at IW bail. So now Treyarch, who has been “stuck” with “old war” type games gets to enter into a new era (the Cold War) where a lot of today’s “Modern Warfare” began. I’m sure Mark Lamia (Studio Head at Treyarch) is aware of this environment and how he is poised to take Treyarch to the #1 spot. What an opportunity! This is one of many reasons Treyarch HAS to be successful with Black Ops, the throne is empty now.

Secondly they are working with the “Cold War” era over a span of decades. They have recruited help of the likes people like Major John Plaster of S.O.G. (Military Assistance Command, Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group) and ex-Soviet Spetznaz also. Oh, just think of the stories they could tell (most high ranking government officials weren’t even privy to the info THEY knew)! This era and this Game IMO is going to be more about its name “Black Ops” than it will be about Vietnam. Black Operations are extremely SECRET and Totally Deniable if they go wrong. This leaves the storyline WIDE open for Treyarch’s imagination and with the help of their “recruits” to “keep it somewhat real”. I am beginning to think this could be BIGGER than MW2. Analyst are already predicting Black Ops to sell at least 60% of what MW2 did (remember MW2 was the largest Entertainment release EVER….this includes Movie DVD’s). Yet don’t forget we are still 6 months out. This could be EPIC!

Now let me try to hit the highlights of what I’ve been reading all day. It seems the “First look” took the “Fortunate Sons” into the first Storyline game by Starting them off in a SR-71 Blackbird, giving them total control of it and directing forces on the ground in a deep covert mission on a frozen and mountainous Soviet base in the first scene titled “WMD” (Weapons of Mass Destruction). You eventually join the ground mission and apparently there is night vision involved as well. Sounds like a pretty kewl start to me! Then the “FS” were whisked away to Hue City, Vietnam in the scene “SlaughterHouse” where you will be Helicoptered in to re-take a CIA Headquarters (which btw is my game of choice…HQ) against a horde of North Vietnamese. Sounds like this “SlaughterHouse will live up to its name. Some “FS” have stated that Black Ops Graphics may be a STEP UP from MW2…….Uh Oh!!!

Here is more INTEL I’ve been able to gather (some may be speculative): Most of it is from an interview with Treyarch Studio Head Mark Lamia (video below). Semtex on the tip of you crossbow (I’m gonna love this crossbow), dragon’s breath incendiary rounds in a shotgun (this will piss people off that hate the AA-12 from MW2), 3 games in one, Single Player Cinematic Game, Huge Multiplayer games, 4 player Co-Op……Co-Op, did somebody say Co-Op??? 4 player Co-Op….hmmm Zombies was also a 4 player Co-Op (more on this in an upcoming post). Here is what I think MAY be one of the kewlest features: “Multiplayer with an extenended social experience”…..What the Hell does that mean. Here is my speculation, partly from rumors I’ve heard of characters speaking to you in gameplay. Imagine your camping away from the HQ and you buddy is getting kill time and time again trying to cap it…You just might see him come up behind you and instead of knifing you like we do now, what he says in his mike makes his characters mouth move as if his character is speaking to you????? Or before you sneak up on a camper, you can whisper in his ear and they see your character saying it to them…..I’m just saying……LOL, it’d be kewl. Still 6 months away and the excitement is brewing!


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