What does “First Offensive” MW3 Map Piazza look like?

January 29, 2012 in MultiPlayer, MW3, NEWS

IMHO Piazza is the best of the two Modern Warfare 3 DLC Map Packs (Liberation is the other one) So check out the video for a peek at Piazza’s twists and turns ;)


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  1. Both are pretty good. If you love to snipe, you’ll love liberation. If you love to shotgun, you’ll love piazza.

    I love the multi-levels of piazza. Liberation is awesome also. Was expecting disappointment with the first two, and was nothing but pleased. However, I think they’re messing up with this Elite thing. Had many tell me that they will not be purchasing elite, and they don’t like the idea of buying the map packs individually since they come out every month. Use to we got them about 2-3 months apart so you expected about 3 map pack purchases (black ops was 4) for the series. I only have 2 friends on my completely full friend list that has Elite. So, guess what. When I jump on, nobody has them and if I want to play with my buddies, then I have to forget about playing the new maps.

    Yep, I’ve been trying to get them to buy it. They’re seeing it as a cash grab and want no part of it. I differ and like the Elite and what they’re offering.

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