What is the best Router for Call of Duty?

December 12, 2010 in NEWS

Yes…Once again, CODBUNKER had a FAIL situation with a router (you can search for previous post if curious); however, there is a HAPPY ENDING :D “Bear with this story as it may be lengthy it is VERY INFORMATIVE and could SAVE you the hassle.” CODBUNKER’s “Home” Network is now “Beasting” it! So I got a LinkSys WRRT310N to replace the Netgear WNR2000v2 which did not want to play well with COD6 MW2, I must say however, that the WNR200v2 had 4 bars(full) on my wifi through 3 walls at appx 30+ feet and the “new” LinkSys had only 2 bars(but worked with wifi and my wired PS3 playing MW2), so things were OK. After a 48 days, the LinkSys WRRT310N kept dropping my wifi, this really sucked. I play Call of Duty (Wired to Network) and use laptop beside me (wifi) to keep up with the website and tweets/FB etc. It would drop for 1-2 hours and magically come back. I watched my wifi signal analyzer on my Droid and could see the sawtooth spike up to -75dBm to nothing with about a second between spikes. I tried everything and during my research, I found that many users of this router (as well as other routers) had this wifi drop issue. Yesterday, I could not stand it anymore and researched routers again. This time it looked (by reading reviews) that a couple D-Link routers would be the best bet. I hop’d in the Bimmer and went to Best Buy. While check out what they had, I was not to happy. I was told that they only carried D-Link Online. So at the store I had choices of Netgear, LinkSys/Cisco, and Belkin (stay away from Belkin, per reviews I’ve read) Being impatient and in a lil pickle, I did so miss the AWESOME range of the Netgear and thought, maybe a higher model would work (WNDR37AV-100NAS), or I’d bug the Hell out of Netgear Support to get it to work LOL. So I
opt’d to give Netgear another go. When the BB employee was going through the features, I stopped him! “What do you mean it has USB connector to hook up a drive which will make it a NAS (Network Attached Storage)?” Oh hell yea! “Where are your hard drives, and the biggest you got” “Damn sold out of the 3 Gig” but the Seagate 2 Terabyte GoFlex Desk was ON SALE!!! :D Excited yet somewhat skeptical I got home and Hooked everything up. Wifi was BOOMING, plus had 1Gig 4 port switch (I wire bandwidth hogs). I now have 2 Terabytes of NAS to go with my 2.75 TB’s of Computer Networked drives, almost 5 TB’s………Hot Damn! Now for the dreaded test……….Must log on to COD7 Black Ops and cross my fingers. It worked! I had no problems (other than the crap connections and getting kicked that we have all become accustomed to with Black Ops servers) So as of now CODBUNKER is Very Happy!………BUT WAIT THERE’s MORE! I had some pix on my Droid and thought……..hmmm wouldn’t it be kewl if I could just shoot them over the network to my 2 TB NAS. Hallelujah!!! There was an answer for that, I found EStrongs Inc’s “ES File Explorer” which lets you setup a Samba Share


ES File Explorer Barcode

via wifi. Double Hot Damn!!!! :D So now I am in complete bliss (as long as the Netgear WNDR37AV-100NAS doesn’t go the way the LinkSys did after a month or two, but I will update if it does) NOW, My Beastly Home Network:
2 Laptops (wifi), 2 Desktops (Wired), 1 PS3 (Wired), 1 PS3 (wifi), 1 Nintendo DSi (wifi), 1 Wii (wifi), 3 Droids (wifi), 1 HD-DVR Direct TV (Wired), 2 TB’s of NAS, with 2.75 TB’s on puters………..ALL CONNECTED TOGETHER!!! As the Kool-Aid guy says…..OH YEAH!!!
So until I see different from the “Long Term” performance of this new router I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Netgear WNDR37AV-100NAS!


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  1. I use netgear as well not sure what model its a newer one, friends tell me i have the fastest and best connection

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