What Perks and Weapons are in COD7 “Black Ops”

May 25, 2010 in Black Ops, NEWS

Josh Olin (Treyarch CM) (Twitter JD_2020) wants to know what YOU would like to see. Treyarch is REALLY reaching out the the masses in an attempt to give us what we want. (Of course if they can fit it in, and I’m sure the “Wishes of the many will out way the Wishes of the few” (kinda Star Trek’ish huh)



All I would ask is BALANCE, Yin/Yang
Take something, lose something to create a balanced playing field depending on the style of play of user.
I like to have a SPEEDY class (Less killing power, but fast)…..Yet also be able to have a slower KILLING class.
I also like my SNIPING Class and also a STEALTHY class. I think W@W and MW2 both did OK on the setups but some things REALLY Sucked!!!


W@W wasn’t as bad, but MW2…..C’MON man!!! 2 RPG’s, 2 NOOBS, and a NADE with DC (don’t forget OMA with this setup sometimes)
Limit ability to Noob Tube (W@W nade launchers were well balanced)
If it HAS to be there then JUST for Nades

HOLY CRAP I just realized I could write an essay on this question, LOL I will keep it short and let the members/visitors give their inputs as not to “steer” them and just hit some of MY high points.

W@W had same Spawn points, so in “Dome” you could “Rape”
MW2, OMG….They spawn right behind you to the point they can just swipe and kill 50 milliseconds after spawn.

NO WAY!!!….except the no death from falling from heights
Gamers like to be able to do things we are not supposed to be able to do!

Here is the KEEP LIST:
Extra nades perk
flack jacket
I say keep a Juggernaut as long as stopping power counters it.
Stealth perks
Iron Lungs
Too many others to list but my two biggies:
KEEP ELEVATORS, Make them so they are defensible like they were in MW2 (with exception of a few) or at the very least in a private match. It is so awesome to see the artwork done out of maps as well as feeling like superman, and….I said it before “Gamers like to be able to do what were not supposed to be able to do”

Lastly and most important….ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!


To help you remember, here is SOME perk info from the last two Call of Duty games:


Perk Slot 1

Special Grenades X 3
Satchel Charge X 2
M9A1 Bazooka X 2
Bomb Squad
Bouncing Betty X 2
Primary Grenades X 2
M2 Flamethrower

Perk Slot 2

Stopping Power
Flak Jacket
Gas Mask
Sleight of Hand
Double Tap

Perk Slot 3

Deep Impact
Extreme Conditioning
Steady Aim
Toss Back
Second Chance
Dead Silence
Iron Lungs

Modern Warfare 2

Perk Slot 1

Sleight of Hand
One Man Army

Perk Slot 2

Stopping Power
Danger Close

Perk Slot 3

Steady Aim
Last Stand


57 responses to What Perks and Weapons are in COD7 “Black Ops”

  1. keep the pros, lose commando and OMA get rid of nukes and TI’s add a cage with the abilty to get your highest streak in there, ie 30 for the nuke so on Black osp 25, this will deter NB’s on FFA
    Add modding in private sessions :)
    No shotguns as secondarys, i hate The UMP AND SPAS comb, just make overkill a perk again :)
    Add a vote to kick option

    Thats all

  2. Oh yea btw its Yin Yang :)

  3. Gizmo,
    Tks, I fixed it, LOL ;-)

  4. will there be zombies

  5. thepatriot720,
    This is a “wish list” that I will will send to Treyarch (Via Josh Olin) in other words “what do YOU want on COD7?

  6. shoot i want juggarnaut to leave and painkiller can stay and there should be cage match again and not as many noob toobs like once ur weapons get so many kills with the noob tube it locks it that would be nice then u could see if any of the other players are actually any good

  7. Definitely some much needed work on BALANCE!!! Actual distance accuracy on all guns, (cant possibly shoot across the map accurately, except sniper class!?)
    Bring overkill and bettys back. different laser trip mines instead of claymores.
    Should have 4 or 5 perk classes instead on the 3 currently
    Some sort of foot/boot option for Speed and/or Jumping to climb better.
    Always have the option for Thermo/NVGs given based on levels.
    And cmon with the artillery!
    A better Shield (knife vs. shield who should win?)
    +I agree with a flag timer of some sort with the tubes
    +Should have more grenade and ammo capacity
    +Shades of some kind for flashers and stunners
    +More accurate spawning, and/or you spawn in a designated area that is safe as shit! and you have to run back in battle or possible heli drop or parachutes or panzers.
    + Lasers on guns. green for one team red or blue for the other.
    would be cool in dark maps or close quarters.
    You got all that money and still have problems on games and servers to lazy staff..sorry for the low blow but thats the frustration
    And quit with that Xbox duck riding with letting them get the maps first! If you want it exclusively it should be at a cost to everyone on every system. And come out with different maps don’t make us pay for something we’ve already seen. That’s BS and YOU know it!

  8. I think they should have proper claymores w/ tripwires instead of laser and to counter this you have a engineer moment as your equipment. Also instead of nuke etc. you get a squad of 8 SAS men who stage assaults on enemy positions. Also NAPALM would be a good kill streak, thinking Vietnam here… there you go.

  9. Napalm and SAS would be good :)

  10. jack said on May 30, 2010

    Plz bring jugganaught and flack jacket back to counteract noob tubers. Get rid of commando its really bad. Spawning in mw2 is a problem sometimes I am alive for 1-2 seconds. Lock on launchers are shocking my killstreaks always get shot down. Lastly plz plz being back zombies its the best thing that has every happend to call of duty!

  11. jack said on May 30, 2010

    I Forgot some things
    -a perk that makes u plant/defuse bombs, capture flags faster and silent bomb and flag capturing.
    -i loved the bayonet in WaW, I want it back
    -a perk that makes your killstreaks stay in the map for 10 seconds longer.
    -a suicide bomber class so u can blow yourself up whenever but you also have a pistol in the other hand.
    -lastly more zombies!!!!

  12. jack said on May 30, 2010

    Look up zombie x on youtube. Its the best ever mod for cod 5. I really want it in cod 7. It beats normal zombie hands down.

  13. I forgot to say it should save every match to your hard drive as a reply, which you can delete and save, like the one on uncharted 2

  14. Great idea I wish I could watch some matches back having the option to save a reply would be cool.
    Also like the idea of NAPALM, flame throwers and trip wires. Would also be cool to have some kind of sensors you can lay so it tells when people run past, like a trip wire without the boom.
    Extra grenade capacity is a must perk for me.
    I think I agree removing commando as well but love the having pro for jumping off roofs.
    Nukes are fine but something that kills nukers or kicks them from the game (ie if person ‘a’ kills person ‘b’ x times in a row without moving from the same spot then boot them from the room!)
    There should definitely be multi player online from one console either that or have bots so you can play private matches off line and kill something other than each other!

    Bring back elevators but not ones which give you a crazy advantage like the one under Favela!

    Jack: a suicide bomber class? do you want the game to get banned… lol

    Finally it really pisses me off when I get put into a game with a couple of seconds to go, spawn and get killed. So you shouldn’t be put into a game that’s over half way through (either by kills, score or time). Also you should be able to vote for a map not just vote skip, there’s some maps like rust and derailed I haven’t played in ages and I would really like to!

  15. hopefully zombies, and they keep the same story line from W@W, doesnt matter if the game itself if set during the Cold War, the story line & the 4 charachters were great, the Commando “LUNGE” the fact that 7 or 8 bullets does nothing & the player can just lunge in for a quick kill, do NOT include PLEASE

  16. Dan said on June 1, 2010

    How about some free map packs. $15 bucks is pure rape! Especially since the maps were already on the disc to begin with! Stop milking us or we will go elsewhere!!!!!

  17. zac said on June 2, 2010

    i agree with DAN map packs are a rip but forget going eny where els lmao cod is the beast lol

    if eny one got xbox 360 feel free to add me??

    Gamer Tag : SHOCKZ STARR

    thanks :)

  18. Ryan said on June 3, 2010

    I have a lot of game reforming ideas of my own, but to start here are a few great ones that i have found that i want to make sure treyarch finds out about them
    Make Scrambler or similar new perk actually useful
    In its current form, it’s useless, it alerts enemies to your presence, and usually they can find you based on how jammed their radar is(which is pretty ironic). My suggestion is that it should somehow play up the enemies radar with false readings/glitches instead. It would make the enemy uneasy/confused because of all the random red dots on the radar – not wanting to risk his neck(or killstreak), the enemy retreats, or stays away instead of hunting down the scrambler user for an easy kill.

    Renegade – Blue/Green Perk
    You use 2 secondary’s instead of 1 primary and 1 secondary(just in case I wasn’t clear). No double launchers.

    Minimalist – Red Perk
    You choose one weapon – either a primary or a secondary. But with 100% extra ammo when you spawn, 50% increased carrying capacity (not clip size), and stopping power. Does not work with launchers.

    Eagle Eye – Green perk
    Increases the slight zoom you get from aiming down the sights by 50% with everything but sniper rifles.

    ~danger close
    ~Realistic detonation of claymores (sometimes they kill you from insane locations
    ~TO MANY PEOPLE USE STOPPING POWER! leave the power adjustment to FMJ attatchment (make FMJ a bit mor powerfull)
    -so to clarify, without stopping power the red perks are open to various stealthy options and people dont have to put stopping power on every class!

    ***************I know there is a lot of information here, but please keep it short and sweet and tell treyarch about the 3 new perk ideas, to keep customizable killstreaks (maybe add a few more) and keep the perks plentifull the more there are the more Yin/Yang there will be because players will choose their desires not the one good perk. Lastly keep the guns plentifull and more variety of stats within there class, (ie assault in mw2 all have the same range the only differences are slight in power and fire rate). Thank you and please notify treyarch about the *’ed ideas! THANKS!

  19. Bob said on June 4, 2010

    Hey Buckeye, MW2 was waaay better than World At War. You probably just suck at one, and not the other. Anyway, I’d like to see close range combat, more indepth online, and piloting a helicopter.

  20. jack said on June 5, 2010

    Scrambler just says I coming around the corner (it gives away your position). The idea of the radar glitching is a good idea. E.g false enemy and team dots on your radar. I also hate how harriers are able to shoot down killstreaks. I also like in WaW when you use extended mags your clip changes in mw2 it doesn’t.

    In zombies I would also like to have attatchments and stopping power. Killstreaks will also be cool.

  21. jack said on June 6, 2010

    A super uav would be cool it lasts for 60sec and scrambles th enemy radar for 60sec. Twice the health of uavs in cod 6 and 1 flare if lock on launchers are in the game. I like customizable killstreaks I just hate the campers and the boosters. I would also like to see customizable character e.g glasses, ghille suit, better clothing and different shoes. I know I have posted heaps of replies I just don’t want cod7 to fail like cod6

  22. Alex said on June 7, 2010

    My perk ideas:

    killer: have only 2 perks but 4 killstreak rewards

    monkey:ability to climb trees

    play dead : act dead when enemys near

    plus i think more killstreaks rewards should be introduced and get red of nukes!

    xbox live add me:fire thing11


  23. i would like to have servers, NOT the host system from cod6
    and i wouldn’t like to see the tube..

  24. minx said on June 7, 2010

    A definitive KEEP is sligh of hand, side of hip, scavger, stopping power. keep the killstreak&deathstreak more verity for guns & attachments for them for online game play.

    FOR ZOMBIES: keep the perk a cola &pack a punch machines, but get rid of double tap. add side of hip& stopping power, second chance. upgrade the monkey bomb & bowie knife. keep the betties or something like them. give people a place to stand our ground against the zombies, the telepoters were a good touch, keep or upgrade them.

  25. Alex said on June 7, 2010



    this perk over rules other perks. meaning the more clever and stealthy perks arent used to full capability.
    the guns damage should rely on the defult power of the weapon and make it possible to add FMJ. that way the weapon itself matters.

  27. if they dont have zombies, im not buying it. and if they have any type of health support like Juggernaut or Painkiller, every1 will be pissed

  28. I like treyarchs hidden poster easter eggs. If they both don’t have anything to do with zombies treyarch is deffinatly messed up. Zombies!!!!!!

  29. one of the maps on zombies should be a city so there can be vehichles and keep the gun glitch oh and have more than 1 map :) get me on ps3 gamertag: xxdeathwizardxx

  30. if u like my idea either reply to it or send me a friend request on ps3

  31. Here are some ideas that will improve gameplay – some of you all will hate me but these suggestions are needed: (I am good at both WaW and MW2 on Hardcore).

    The game should somehow record the BEST (Top 10) kills during the game and REPLAY them during the endgame, in the lobby, and during the loading page. NBA 2K10 does it. . . why can’t COD? It will give me something to watch during Intermission when I don’t have to change classes AND will be hilarious to watch discuss and record.

    No-spawn killing… PLEASE fix spawning so we don’t spawn by people and get shot quickly or have people spawn behind us… maybe have people parchute in, or get dropped off, something better… we want real war…

    If you bring back vehicles dont make them annoying like in COD5.

    If you are not a sniper, you can’t sit in the same area for more than 30 seconds or a countdown starts telling you to relocate or die… in real war, as infantry you keep moving forward, or you get flanked, hit with artillery, overran by the enemy or shot by your commanding officer for cowardice.

    Danger Close is fun but unfair – BALANCE
    Noob tubes and rockets are the single most annoying thing about this game. Learn how to shoot and fight me like a man.

    Cool if earned honorably… if somebody kills somebody else more than 10 times in a row… kick both!

    Throwing Knife:
    EPIC! make better. More Humiliation weaponry!

    Claymores and Bettys:
    Claymores in MW2 r BS. Bettys are so much better but modernize them.

    Dark Maps with laser sights or flashlights… I love it 0 make it happen. A FORREST map with better camo for snipers. More close range – shipment used to be SO FUN…. MORE! No more stupid maps I have to pay for. Carnival – aggravating, strike – NO, Vacant – EH, Trailer park – WIN.

    Juggernaut is stupid. Keep the “Jellybean-pill” pain killer. Change Scrambler like the others said. Commando normal is ridiculous.

    Play dead… stupid but cool only if you can’t immediately get up and shoot somebody. Climbing trees would be ok but your range and aiming ability should be severely limited.

    NAPALM cool.

    This may sound weird but MORE GORE AND DISMEMBERMENT (which of course can be turned on and off). I want to really feel like I am in war.

    Akimbo shotguns was the dumbest idea anyone could have invented. Nothing tees me off more than seeing a ghille suited sniper running around with akimbo anything… get outta here.

    Allow all gametypes to be played on HARDCORE. Decrease the respawn time and spawn killing in hardcore.

    Make more presitges and make it easier to Rank up. Thats why WaW got boring and MW2 is cooler… easier to rank up and get more classes and gadgets to play with.

    More weapons! More killstreaks. Make sure everything is balanced.

    Finally… maybe the most important… Vote to Kick… PLEASE.

    Make it all happen!

    Joesph James Rideworth

  32. there should be 3 perk slots but all the perks should be in all three so u can pick any 3

  33. dont have vote to kick it screws up gameplay trust me

  34. jack said on July 6, 2010

    Vote to kick, really!
    Lol if someone is one kill off a nuke the whole enemy team will vote to kick and he doesn’t get is nuke.

    Imagine running around with an ak-47, m-16 or rpd killing zombies. Or blowing them up with an rpg. Zombies in the cold war era would be kickass

  35. game mode with more than 2 teams

  36. I think they should have proper claymores w/ tripwires instead of laser and to counter this you have a engineer moment as your equipment. Also instead of nuke etc. you get a squad of 8 SAS men who stage assaults on enemy positions. Also NAPALM would be a good kill streak, thinking Vietnam here… there you go.


  38. jam said on July 29, 2010

    plz plz plz make free map packs and they should all com owt at same time instead of iot being xbox then ps3 it should be that they com owt at the same time.

    u should be able to av 2 primary weapons or av 2 secondery weapons if you want.

    it should be easier to prestidage eg levels are shorter

    the price should be cheaper

    they should make mor special guns because they only have a crossbow

    make better perks

    lasley wen ur gun has ran out u should be able to frow it the enenmy and do hand to hand combat eg punching kicking and the suicialed perk is not a gud idea

  39. jam said on July 29, 2010

    game with mpore than 2 teams they should make spawing fair were ur team spaws in 1 base and the other team swanps in anther on the other side of the map and make the glitchets easier

  40. In zombies you should be able to use akimbo, keep mystery box, and cola machine, but be able to upgrade on every level, also on mp there should be game modes w/vehicles and some without also keep title and emblems.

  41. is cod blackops co,img out 4 wii

  42. Black Ops is coming out for wii

  43. I think that you should keep sleit of hand as a first perk but besides that go back to the old perk system. And a suicidle bomber perk would be funny. Sticking stachels to people would be cool and more bolt action snipers mabey an m40

  44. Bigger maps and more players per match, so instead of being able to run to the enemys spawn location in seconds. Players will have more time at the start of a match.

    Get rid of stopping power maybe,, used way to much! No stopping power will mean players will have to adapt to different perk combinations. Instead of just using the same perks.

    A MASSIVE selection of guns, Maps and Perks. Its suprising how quickly people can get bored because they are using the same stuff.

    Tripwires etc,, would be quite cool but players would be killed setting them on small maps. This brings me onto my next point and this reflects back onto my bigger maps and more players point. Players should have some sort of bot to cover their back.

    More sniper oppertunities, snipers were designed to kill in one shot, after the first hit the other player can get to cover. Guns in general were designed to kill people, ‘normal’ should be the same as hardcore now, players wont run straight towards you spraying bullets this is why there are less casualties of trained troops than un-trained troops. There should be a ‘Extra health’ mode.

    There should be no perk for last stand but every person should have it, automatic weapons/rifles dont kill that quickly but a few shots would floor a guy. MOST DEFINITLY HEADSHOTS 1 SHOT KILL! but 98% of the time,, helmets are there to prevent that as much as possible.

    Team deathmatch should only end with a score limit, no time limit after the normal time limit the match should move into ‘night’ this creates a good perk. Players should be able to shoot out lights.

    A training part, players can ‘train’ their player to recover faster from explosions etc,, Customizable armour! players can either choose heavy armour giving more protection at the cost of manouvarability this can replce juggernaut.

    Players should also be able to do special ‘stealth’ takeouts for when your behind a player. A dogtags count can be added onto player callsigns, showing how good the player is.

    Few perk ideas:
    Hide – Blend into the surrounding enviroment
    Blindfire – Interaction with walls, players can peek round the corner and can ‘blinfire’ if neccesary without getting killed.
    Night vision – After the time limit, day turns into night. player gets an optional night vision to give the player an advantage.

    NO NOOBER TUBERS!!! they require no skill

  45. ok i have a few ideas of things to go in black ops to make it better than failw2
    Perks(bring back)
    -Bring Juggernaut back you may all hate me for this but it counters people who just use Stopping Power on every weapon and counters the noobtube
    -Bring back Overkill the secondary weapons in Mw2 were gay and overpowered i like a handgun or the crossbow and other special weapons instead of shotguns or machine pistols
    -Sleight Of Hand a red perk again
    -Extreme Conditioning over Marathon
    -Deep Impact
    -Bandolier over Scavenger
    -Make special weapons a blue perk (eg. launchers rpg7 x2) or somethin like that
    -larger nade capacity (eg. Frag x3)
    -Dead Silence great for search or ninja classes
    -One Man Army
    -Danger Close
    -Ninja(please no heartbeat sensors)
    -Last Stand
    Some big gameplay issues need fixing
    - Make Shotguns a primary again but give them a bit more range
    -Spawns were horrible often times i would spawn only to get shot in the ass or have a gun rammed down my throat if enemies are in the other teams spawn, spawn somewhere else thats pretty straight forward
    - Balance the weapons, each weapon should have it’s own strengths and weaknesses so people will actually use a variety of weapons instead of one gun on every server and game mode the mp40 in cod 5 is a great example of overpowered weapons
    -More guns and perks gamers love to have variety pretty simple
    -No lock on launchers make killstreaks actually difficult to shoot down nothing is more unfair than getting a 7 killstreak and having it shot down in 3 seconds by a stinger
    -The burst weapons, i’ve never had good thoughts on these even since cod 4 i’m not saying you have to lose them(not a bad idea ;) ) just make them less powerful no 1 burst kill bullshit from across the map balance the weapons!
    -make the semi-auto snipers true semi-autos not like the m21 from cod 4 or m21 ebr of mw2 sniper rifles have recoil!
    -limit glitches and elevators and other such nonsense to private matches or offline play
    -give the guns more sway and recoil to make them more realistic
    -get rid of pro perks if the pros are that good make them a separate perk
    -the the leveling was way to slow lvl.70? thats way too long in my opinion even 65 in cod 5 was too long i’d like to see it back down to 55 like cod 4 or maybe 60 max
    -leveling system was awful things unlocked too late and nooby things unlocked too early give the players a chance to realize the Famas,noobtube,AA-12 and other weapons are horrible and a mistake to cod
    -deathstreaks are just stupid because someone is bad means they get the advantage over more skilled players ok…
    -weaken killstreaks(also make them moke difficult to shoot down no lock-on launchers)
    -customizable character would be cool
    -golden camouflage for all guns of a certain type for completing those weapons marksman and expert challenges
    -get rid of fall camo doesn’t even look good looks like barf and 250 headshots is a little much red tiger 150 should be the most
    -no heartbeat sensors
    -no thermal scope
    -at least weaken the tube so it’s not a 1 shot kill
    -make extended mags easier to get
    -no riot shield
    -reduce blast radius of explosive weapons
    -no blast shield nobody uses it anyways
    - make rapid fire available on ar’s lmg’s smg’s
    -restricted game modes for example, if you really hate a certain weapon or perk select a lobby that restricts use of that weapon/perk/equipment would make the game more relaxing
    -more shotguns to pick from
    -no fully automatic shotguns, stick to the good old pump or semi-auto
    -vote for a map you want to play
    -dogtags from knifing like in the battlefield games would be cool
    -keep and add more titles and emblems
    -dark maps where you could use flashlights or lasers or just plain night vision would be a change of scenery
    - add shallow water or pools you could fight in or around
    -more interaction with the world around like hugging walls climbing trees hugging cover swimming
    -camouflage on secondaries or special weapons
    -no in-game vehicles like tanks from cod 5
    - new scope for snipers that has zoom capabilities
    -guns have varying stats not all the same with very minor differences
    -online campaign and co-op campaign so you could play with friends farther away
    -slow down speed when being shot it’s not very realistic that you can sprint forward and knife some one when half a clip of an smg is in you
    -show top three kills at end of the game or when you are in a lobby voted on by all players would be entertaining
    -show the damage rate of fire or accuracy benefits or changes when adding perks or benefits to your weapons
    -secondary weapon stats
    -lessen the effect of Stopping Power to allow more choice in perks and weapons
    And I think that’s about all I can think of right now I could go on and on but that’s about all worth mentioning please submit at least some thoughts on to Treyarch and thanks for listening to ideas looking forward to Call Of Duty: Black Ops!

  46. ok i think that YES keep pro perks like ok comando is cool but should be gone some how keep the no falling damage but loose the knife range shit and marathon should be tied into like slight of hand pro how many people would like to run for ever and aim super fast :) bring back over kill and make it so if u have any toobs it gets rid of perk one so no more scavenger/one man army for toobers Perk Slot 1

    Special Grenades X 3 keep
    Satchel Charge X 2 keep
    M9A1 Bazooka X 2 keep
    Bomb Squad keep
    Bouncing Betty X 2 keep
    Bandolier keep
    Primary Grenades X 2 keep
    M2 Flamethrower loose

    Perk Slot 2

    Stopping Power keep
    Fireworks loose
    Flak Jacket loose
    Gas Mask loose
    Juggernaut- make into pain killer
    Camouflage keep
    Sleight of Hand keep
    Shades loose
    Double Tap- make a wep attachment
    Overkill BRING BACK

    Perk Slot 3

    Deep Impact keep
    Extreme Conditioning loose
    Steady Aim keep
    Toss Back keep
    Second Chance keep
    Martyrdom- deathstreak
    Dead Silence loose
    Iron Lungs keep
    Reconnaissance loose

  47. Modern Warfare 2

    Perk Slot 1

    Marathon KEEP
    Sleight of Hand KEEP
    Scavenger KEEP
    Bling LOOSE

    Perk Slot 2

    Stopping Power KEEP
    Lightweight KEEP
    Hardline LOOSE
    Danger CloseLOOSE

    Perk Slot 3

    Commando- loose knife range keep no fall damage
    Steady Aim keep
    Scrambler-loose, its realy pointless and not affective it usualy tells the victim how close u are
    Ninja-keep if there are heart beats/ loose if there arent
    SitRep keep
    Last Stand-deathstreak

    now i think that there should be alot more perks and more perk slots not only 3 lists but mabey like 5 so i think the u should keep alot of perks but loose some and plz bring more guns

  48. Ok. First off, you should atleast make the weapon stats real. The FAMAS had the same power as the M16. No low-powered high rank guns and high-powered low rank guns. Also, have the guns in the right category! The PP-2000 is a subby and the Mini-Uzi is a machine pistol. Also, take out pro perks. Theyre too overpowered. SoH pro is an example and shouldve been faster gun switch.

    Another thing would be to make rank matter other than unlocking stuff. A captain should somehow have authority over a private. And the rank should also mean how fast you can ADS. A lvl 1 would be slow and a general would be fast. Either rank or prestige…

  49. i think they should make it where you can make your own camo on the gun custamize you person more perks more killstraeks no nukes there gay they should make your rank go to 100 instead of 70 but you level up faster like more per kill and make chalenges worth more exp

  50. These are my ideas for perks
    Perk 1:
    1.Marathon- Unlimited sprint, pro- Run faster (loose lightweight and put it as a pro for marathon)
    2.Slieght of hand- Reload faster, pro- Faster ADS
    3.Special grenades- x3 special grenades, pro- more time of the special grenade effect
    4.Launcher- x2 extra rockets (so it would be 3 rockets, i know mayb not 3 but watever), pro- more damage done by rockets
    5.Frag- x3 frags or equipment, pro- extra damge done by grenades
    6.Bling- 2 primary weapon attachments (i like bling), pro- 2 secondary weapon attachments
    7.Bomb squad- detect enemey explosives and trap bombs, pro- defuse enemy explosives or trap bombs (instead of destroying and killing yourself, defuse)
    8.Scavenger- Collect full ammo (except grenades) from enemy dead bodies, pro- extra mags

    Perk 2:
    1.Stopping power- Increased bullet damage (only to primary), pro- Increased bullet damage vs vehicles
    2.Overkill- 2 primary guns, pro- Increased bullet damage with secondary
    3.Juggernaut- Increased health, pro- Increased health while in last stand or final stand
    4.Hardline- 1 less kill for killstreaks, pro- 1 less death for deathstreaks ( i like thise perk b/c i dont have to put sp to every class
    5.Cold blooded- undectable by uav, air support, thermal, pro- no name appears to enemies
    6. First aid (new perk)- heal yourself when your screen is all bloody ( takes away equipment), pro- heal yourself while in last stand or final stand
    7.Danger zone (new perk)- increased air support damage, pro- cant be killed by your or teammate air support (like artillery, airstrike, contralloble stuff
    8.Engage (new perk)- Takes 2 knife attacks to kill you, pro- can stop a knife attack if your quick enough to stop it
    those are the perks

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