When will MW2 Map Packs be here?

March 5, 2010 in Modern Warfare 2, NEWS

Answer: A vague “by spring”, however I’ve heard as early as April. There is a lot of buzz on the DLC for MW2. I’ve done a lot of research, but wanted to get firm dates and content before posting on this; however, Dillon sent me an email asking me about them:

Name: Dillon
Subject: MW2 DLC

“I have been seeing many claims about the new dlc supposedly coming out soon and i was wondering what you knew about this”

Dillon and ALL,
Here is what I know so far (remember….I have not been able to verify for a fact on these but strongly feel the info below will be REAL close if not dead on).

~ There will be 2 Map packs this year for MW2.
~ MP 1 should be released as early as April (makes sense….. tax returns…..LOL)
~ 1st MP will have 5 maps, 3 new ones and 2 “upgraded” COD4 maps.
~ Map names: Compact, Complex, Crash, Overgrown, and Storm.
~ Xbox will get DLC for 30 days before available on PS3 (BOOOOOOOO!!!!)

~ That is all I know at present. THESE ARE NOT OFFICIAL YET!

Here is a video I found also: Done by TheTechGame


3 responses to When will MW2 Map Packs be here?

  1. Damn you Activision!

  2. LOL, I guess Activision didn’t like the leaked info, doesn’t matter though, Why would they worry about blocking the video when DLC is just around the corner, BIG DEAL, whatever Activision, we’ll all see it soon enough

  3. Can’t wait for it either. I’m needing something fresh on COD MW2. Though I’ve been reading that IW has got a new Company making COD for the future….I believe it’s called Hammerhead. I think they are talking about making two COD’s for 2011 with one of them being dedicated to 3rd person. I don’t know about you guys…but 3rd person sucks.

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