When will PS3 Elite members get Map Pack DLC

January 29, 2012 in ELITE, MW3, NEWS, PS3, Xbox

This is the “Million Dollar Question”. January 24th Activision released “First Offensive” DLC Map Packs to ELITE Xbox users ONLY. Offensive is a PERFECT name for this DLC because it has created such stir to non Elite Xbox, as well as both Elite/Non PS3 users (PC peeps too). HERE is the Press Release of Xbox Deal as a reference. Based on the link <--- you can see ATVI is obligated to NOT give PS3 DLC until Xbox has it for 30 days. MSFT paid LOTS of money for this right. Now enter the dilemma: ATVI promises if you Pay for "Elite Premium" then you will get access to DLC BEFORE non elite members (quote from callofduty website FAQ's) “Similar to Map Packs, X360 Premium members will receive their Content before PS3 Premium members. All Call of Duty ELITE Premium members will receive a steady stream of content released monthly for 9 months through the Content season, and they will also receive their Content before non-premium members on their console.”

If you do a quick mathematical look at it:
Xbox premium Jan 24 gets it
PS3 premium wait 30 days
Then does Xbox non Elite get it at same time PS3 Premium get it or before (Xbox non elite could get this before a PAID PS3 Elite)
if not then Xbox non elite’s will have to wait over 30 days to get it. Quite a conundrum here, to say the least. Not only does Elite partially work (have any of you been able to Clan Ops as advertised yet…….NO) but they have also put themselves in a pickle here.

Well the good news it that ATVI is a 13.9 BILLION dollar company so we can rest assured that they are on top of it. A company with this kind of money surely wants to show the shareholders they think things out well ahead of time; hence the “Forward Looking Statements” Quarterly / Yearly Guidance, etc. So it’s a great idea that have a “Community Manager” Dan Amrich (One of Swords) that surely they keep in the loop of such dilemmas so he can convey to YOU the consumer, answers and continued loyalty to the ATVI brand. (Note: Dan is exceptional & this in no way reflects on him, he does a great job; however, he is limited to what he can do or say without having the knowledge of those above him) So here is the latest news from 1OS via a tweet and you can see ATVI is keeping him in the dark, just as us……THE CONSUMER………Le Sigh!



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