When will PS3 get MW2 DLC Map Pack?

April 8, 2010 in Modern Warfare 2, NEWS

Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package will arrive to PS3 in North America May 4th and the rest of the world on Cinco-de-Mayo (May 5th). Worldwide PC’s will get it May 4th. This is according to fourzerotwo (IW’s Frontman) his tweets as others can be seen over on the right side of CODBUNKER——>

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7 responses to When will PS3 get MW2 DLC Map Pack?

  1. Can anyone tell me what’s the easiest way to get a nuke. I am ranked pretty good and I’m on my 5th prestige and I still didn’t get a nuke. Help please. Thanks.

  2. Hi Mirhad, im not sure this is the appropriate place to post but im sure if it isnt ADMIN will move it.
    This is what i will advise you to do to get a nuke:
    Use a gun with good iron sights, low recoil, and decent range, for example, on quarry its long range so i would suggest
    M4A1 w/ red dot or any other attachments.
    stopping power
    Ninja or commando
    However if i were on domination in terminal i would camp in a coy corner with RPD w/ grip and the same perks

  3. Thanks

  4. Another thing if possible? Only gun I use is ScarH. What other weapons do you think would be better than ScarH? To get nuke easier.

  5. Well the scar -h is one of the strongest assault rifles, but it dosnt hold much ammo in a magazine so i would suggest using a M4 or maybe an AK47

  6. what happend to april 30th for stim pack

  7. My guess is they wanted to release on a Tuesday, like always……………

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