Who is Sledgehammer’s Community Manager?

October 1, 2010 in NEWS, Sledgehammer

sledgehammer-community-manager(Pictured Top to Bottom: Robert Bowling, Josh Olin,Michelle Gallego)
That is an easy question, They don’t have one yet! Granted they have some time (stressing some) but Black Ops is coming out in about a month and it will be the rage for 6 months or so, then SH will have to start “Pimping” their project. CODBUNKER has currently been following GlenSchofield, Blizzzz, SHGames and MichaelCondrey (all 5 of his tweets LOL) on Twitter and SH’s FaceBook page for the happenings over at their studio. But what they really need is a CM (not that the ones I’m following don’t put out info or are kewl, cause they seem to be a great crew), BUT….Pizza needs Beer, Cake needs Ice Cream, Lenny needs Squiggy :D and IMHO a Studio needs a CM. Well SH has been hiring for some time now, and they seem to becoming more aggressive at it lately, but something caught my eye which made me think of this CM issue again. Blizzzz tweeted:
“Hey peeps! gallego115 is now on Twitter and she’s recruiting top talent for shgames”
So i checked gallego115′s profile on twitter (Michelle Gallego) and thought, what programmer wouldn’t want an interview with her, LOL. Then the wheels started to turn, (not saying Robert Bowling (fourzerotwo) or Josh Olin (JD_2020) are ugly dudes to look at…..REALLY); however, Michelle is um…..Striking…..I’d have to say she’s a Hamma!!!! :D So since she is recruiting, maybe, just maybe she can Recruit herself (with pay raise of course due to travel) as Sledehammers CM which would give all you Call of Duty fanatics some CM Pepper to go with the Salt (LOL, I’m cracking up just writing this :D ) At any rate: Michelle/Glen/Condrey I’d strongly recommend hiring the COD masses a Hamma!!!!



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