Why is PS3 PSN down March 4, 2012

March 4, 2012 in NEWS, PS3

If you haven’t got the message yet, PSN is down for maintenance from 1500 New York time, until ?????? You would’ve known this if you were following @CODBUNKER on twitter ;) but I figured I should put a quick post here. Below is a copy of Playstion’s post for reference.
Source: Playstation Blog

Mar 03 2012
PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance on Sunday
+ Posted by Patrick Seybold // Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media

“As you may recall, we had postponed our scheduled PlayStation Network maintenance session from last Thursday to a time to be announced. It is now determined that maintenance will take place tomorrow (Sunday, March 4).

This significant PSN maintenance period is expected to start at just after noon Pacific and will last for several hours, until approximately 2am Pacific on Monday, March 5. Unlike typical maintenance events, consumers who are already signed-in to PSN will be signed-out, and consumers will be unable to sign in for the duration of the maintenance window. During this time, users won’t be able to access the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home, Account Management or play online. PSN enabled websites will not be able to service users, including this one.

Please stay tuned to the PlayStation Twitter feed for a notice when PSN is fully back online. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”


25 responses to Why is PS3 PSN down March 4, 2012

  1. this is bullshit!! shouldn’t they do this during the week? not a weekend when the real world is relaxing…. Sony and psn can suck my balls

  2. I was signed in fine until two minutes ago, when i tried switching accounts to find out psn is down and i cant get back on! grrr

  3. i know this sucks dick i was going to prestige

  4. y do they shut it down alot

  5. bullshit

  6. this is bull. Why the weekend Jesus Christ. fuck suck lick and rub my fuckin balls PSN

  7. Make sense for them to do it on a weekend……..idiots!!! Did any of you get a email………NOPE, just had to follow on twitter, like i do, otherwise you wouldn’t know, how dumb is that they coulda mass emailed, IMHO or sent a message via xmb, but that’s sony for ya :(

  8. This is ridiculous. it’s like they don’t give two craps about their customers. MOST people are off on weekends; this is when we veg out and play games most. Someone should be bitch slapped for this call. they should have done it thursday or wait until tomorrow to do this.

  9. I agree PSN can FUCK SUCK And LiCK MY BALLS….Oh and Everybody at Sony FUCK U

  10. i agree why not do it on like a monday night at like 2 in the morning????

  11. ugh… haven’t used my ps3 in months, and today of all days it has to be down. i really wanted to download a game for my psp. whatever, guess i’ll try tomorrow.

  12. And this is why I have an xbox

  13. psn why is it always when i try to play it goes down what the fuck

  14. sunday monday and thursday are the least accessed days you know…..

  15. Gay, I was in the middle of switching accounts to find I couldn’t sign back in when all of the Sudden Error you have been signed out of Playstation network (807434ID07)

  16. Guys, its all good- Do you guys want the PSN to get better from maintenance or stay how it is- Its not their fault they wanna help us out.

  17. You guys needa be considerate- why say suck balls & shit like that when you must like Sony if your playing their system.

  18. Too many kids flippin out over half a day without ps3, lmao get a life nerds.

  19. im mad

  20. add flapofskin91 for MW3 PS3. Ranked 12843 of 3mil+ for HC TeamDeathMatch. 1.75 k/d ratio, 3rd prestiege lvl 65. HMU!!!!

  21. Chelyn said it best. Go find something else to do, unless your lives are that meager and pathetic that playing on PSN is the pinnacle of your daily experience. If that’s the case, I pity you beyond report.

  22. im staying up until 2 am.isnt that when it comes on?

  23. you guys need to calm down, maybe you should all try to get some pussy before you whine over stupid bullshit like psn going down till 2am. GROW SOME NUTS AND GO OUTSIDE AND SMELL SOME FRESH AIR OR IF YOU LIVE NEXT TO A DUMP SITE LIKE ME SMELL THE HORRIBLE SHIT SMELLS.

  24. i’d like to get a pussy or two, but my mom is allergic, and she’d insist i keep them in the basement with me. what to do?

  25. LOL…….you guys need a console change, come on over to Xbox360. You’ll pay more, but won’t have the down times.

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