Will Infinity Ward get Noob Tube’d

April 29, 2010 in NEWS

If you have been following some of the “Drama” that I’ve posted surrounding Activision, IW, EA, Respawn…..Then you know there is always more to come. Here is some of the latest that I’ve heard. Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey “suggests” that IW might get RPG’d due to the loss of some of its fat cat execs as well as approximately 38 others and that Treyarch and Sledgehammer (other COD makers/studios) will pick up/split Modern Warfare. I personally would hate to see this happen due to since IW IMO is prestige level 10 LOL. Also what would happen to FourZeroTwo????? Also of note is CEO of Activision Publishing Mike Griffith resigned. One of Griffith’s duties while at Activision was “overseeing” Infinity Ward. Hmmmmmm……….

Lots going on in the COD world huh?


2 responses to Will Infinity Ward get Noob Tube’d

  1. Ok well if this is going to screw up cod im gunna be mad, cuz i am amazed with tthe graphics its a amazing game

  2. Not sure how much this will affect the current COD franchise however the future devel of the game may suffer a little, as it currently sounds the split will ultimately force 2 or more companies to make the game under a different name. If you look at those that have left they where the master designer and devel team, they will have inadvertantly left the coding and other design points behind when they went. All activision need to do is employ another designer and devel then get them to use the code and tweak it somewhat for the latest version and test and release, whilst those that left have the code and knowledge from the previous release will create a new series of the game under a new name BUT with the same gameplay and features we have all come to love in the COD franchise.

    Rest in Peace COD

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