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Finally got the Xbox 360 “CODBUNKER” CLAN up and going. Just purchased the ELITE membership, so it’s not showing my 500xp yet (takes up to 24hrs) as most of you know I primarily play on PS3; however, now with this ELITE CLAN thing ( I think it’s kewl as shiznit) I plan on hit’n up Xbox more often, maybe 40% ish. Mainly cuz as I’ve stated to those in my PS3 CLAN that I think this would be a kewl opportunity to build a large CLAN of great players…..TEAM PLAYERS, and maybe have inter CLAN wars to build a MAJOR LEAGUE team from inside of the CLAN! If this sounds interesting to you, leave your GT (gamer tag) in comment below. Read the rest of the post first though :)

The WHOLE CLAN will get 500 Xp for every ELITE Founder who joins us as their first clan.
ALSO: We all get Double CLAN XP for every Elite Founder that joins in the future
Furthermore, we will also unlock a lot of kewl things!



I think as a guideline to start of withis: all members should have a POSITIVE KDR and a POSITIVE Win Ratio and maintatin those. There will be some exceptions for those that are close on one, but skewed higher on the other, and some cases where there is closeness on both side……very close. To CODBUNKER, KDR is not AS important as WINNING!!! We like to WIN as a TEAM, at all costs. But establishing just this very basic “bylaw” we will build a STRONG CLAN, and will “Democratically” select other “bylaws” rules, etc. AS A TEAM

Lastley, if you don’t wanna join the soon to be COOLEST/GREATEST CLAN in the Call of Duty world, you can join others or create your own. But you have to promise to have FUN :)

OH, and don’t laugh I’m a noob level 1 at moment on Xbox (Almost Prestige 3 on PS3) so it’s time I rank up on the Xbox :D


7 responses to XBOX 360 ELITE CLAN “CODBUNKER” is UP!!!

  1. Bunker I’d love to join the clan on 360. I’m active on 360 mostly every day. I won’t be on for the next 10 days cuz I’m out in the field.
    GT- bgpmpinbgbrd

  2. BigBird,
    I’ll send u one in a minute ;)

  3. Bird,
    I enter ur name and all it gives me as options are “Track” “Compare” there is no invite button, r u premium?

  4. Yea what’s your gt? I’ll add you!

  5. codbunkercom

  6. Hey buck, I added you. I have an app on my phone that lets me do pretty much everything on live. PSN lacks the capability to do that. Well when I get back from the field we will have to play!! What’s your rank on mw3?

  7. Can i join

    I have a .98 and am on every other day

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