XBOX LIVE server issues with COD7 Black Ops

January 25, 2011 in Black Ops, NEWS, Xbox

Mitchell Sikes:
I was kicked off of black ops and disconnected from xbox live and now can’t connect
Xbox Live Players, it would seem that there is an issue today (1/25/2011) on COD7 Black Ops, they are currently working on it. So if you are having problems, they are aware, and you can ask for support from a GREAT support team via twitter using @xboxsupport
Listed below are some random tweets and notes about the issue, as I do not have an Xbox 360 “YET” this is the best info I have for you peeps for now, maybe those of you out there can comment here and keep us up to date :)

We are aware that a some Xbox LIVE users are having connection issues. Hang in there! We’re working on it! Stay tuned for updates ^KN

David Vonderhaar:
Moved the 360 to Defcon 4 as a precaution while we investigate reports of troubles with Theater.

Status of COD website for Xbox:
“All Call of Duty: Black Ops services are online, but due to recent server updates, status has been downgraded as a safety precaution.”


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  1. FYI…………Tweet from XboxSupport:

    Xbox LIVE connection issues have been fixed. Thank you for your patience. Game on! ^KN

    at 18:15 EST

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