Xbox Map Pack 2 Release Time (Resurgence)

June 3, 2010 in Modern Warfare 2, NEWS

Lots of peeps are asking “When will the Resurgence Map Pack 2 be available for Xbox”. We all know its released today, but the exact time is NOW!!!! If you follow the right side (near middle) of your monitor you will see “Tweets” from various Peeps. Over there you will see IW’s Robert Bowling messages with his updates over there. So you can now see they are going live, and will take several hours to ALL to get them, so just keep checking, and when he tweets “ALL ONLINE” I will “Favorite it” and it will immediatley appear on CODBUNKER over there —-> on the right side. Always remember to check there for the latest, near real time news. And for PS3 peeps, it will probably be the first Tuesday after 30 days have expired.



1 response to Xbox Map Pack 2 Release Time (Resurgence)

  1. I think we should all boycott the Resurgence map pack until they make it cheaper!
    Although by the time we get it on the PS3 my senile dementia will probably have kicked in and I’ll forget not to buy it…!

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