CODBUNKER Major Overhaul

December 24, 2013 in Clans, Ghosts, MultiPlayer, NEWS, PS3, Xbox

Yes, that is right folks, CODBUNKER will undergo a major facelift, bring back it’s youth and vitality! A complete overhaul / re-wiring of the entire site. Please be patient.

There will be many changes that you will not notice in the backround, but in the front here is some of what you will see:
One will be the deletion of the forums (peeps asked for them, then did not use them…….. so they are gone)
Site will become more “CLAN” oriented to keep the CODBUNKER clan more informed of Clan operations and objectives.
There will still be news and Call of Duty Happenings posted, videos, etc…..
There will also be a more “Showcasing” of our Clan Members (ONLY our Clan) of videos, etc….. strut their stuff.
So once again, be patient, we will BRB =)

Call of Duty Clan Website Rework


Call of the Dead Black Ops 2

May 4, 2013 in BlackOps2, Zombies

Here is some 2 player gameplay of the Call of Duty Zombies map “Call of the Dead” on Xbox. This will be coming to you PS3 & PC players May 17th. Here is 2:45 hrs of it, to give you a general idea of what to expect. Treyarch seems to have an endless amount of imagination, just when I think they’ve come up with something they can’t possibly top, or equal……….THEY DELIVER!!! Awesome Mob…errrr I mean Job 3arc!

This video, obviously is on you can follow me there and watch us live sometimes, but don’t forget to look for us on Facebook and twitter. 8-)

Enjoy the video.


Is Modern Warfare 4 the next Call of Duty?

May 4, 2013 in Ghosts, Infinity Ward, NEWS

Not quite!
The next Call of Duty, due out November 5th will be created by Infinity Ward. Most of us expected it would be the next Modern Warfare, aka MW4. Well it seems they will keep the characters from the Modern Warfare series 1, 2, and 3 (ala “GHOST”) but are dropping the name and calling it COD “GHOSTS”. Here is the first intetl, “teaser video” with further intel to be revealed via and Xbox Reveal May 21st, 2013.