Which is better Xbox 360 or Playstation 3?

February 10, 2011 in PS3, Xbox

This is definitely one of the most asked questions by Call of Duty Fanatics. Fortunately as you know from previous posts that I now have and Xbox 360 and have been able to compare it to the PS3 that I’ve been playing with for years. I have had the Xbox for about 10 days or so now so before you “Flame” me on this article, REMEMBER, I am still an Xbox noob :) As fare as Graphics and gameplay go I would have to say that they are both equal in that aspect. (FYI all comparisons are based around the ONLY game I play, COD) So first I will state this (I know I’ll catch flack for this one, but “REMEMBER”) as far as competition goes…..It felt to me that the players I was up against on Xbox was easier to defeat than those on the PS3. WHAT!? “Does this mean that the better players are on PS3?”………….That’s not necessarily what I’m saying, its what I’ve observed! Lets look at some of the variables though. On my PS3 I am 9th prestige with a Win Ratio of 3.88 and a KDR of 1.33 (or pretty close to those number based on memory) and I started Xbox last week as a noob. I would assume that the “Matchmaking” of COD Black Ops takes this into account on who I play? Yet……I also was hugely disadvantaged on the Xbox in the fact the the L1 L2 and R1 R2 buttons are swapped from that of the PS3 (Takes some serious getting used to) given this, I was still able to maintain above a 1.00 KDR and a Win Ratio of 1.40 on the Xbox in the week I played it. So more data would be needed to make a SOUND judgement on this. Now that I got that statement out of the way (the scary, No I’m gonna get flamed one, LOL) lets just look at some of the feature differences by a Pro and Con type chart.


Xbox 360 PROs:
Party Chat……This is so WAY KEWL! Some PS3 friends have always stated how nice it’d be to auto mute all in a lobby but your friends. Xbox does that with Party Chat. You join a Party Chat separate from the game and can even be playing different games all together, or get kicked out of a match and you are still connected to your Pals! It is a totally separate VOIP from any game, it is a Xbox LIVE VOIP. PS3 does not have anything like this :(

KINECT: I know this site is about COD, but KINECT iS THE BOMB!!!!! Nuff said :)

Twitter, Facebook, and many other features are on Xbox, very nice……PS3 has Facebook. (No Twitter)

AVATAR: Xbox has a kewl lil dude or gal you create as your “personality” you dress them, change body style, face, etc to give it your twist and It’s YOU! Pretty kewl stuff, Mines decked out in Ohio State Garb. My profile pic on this site/twiter/facbook is a snapshot of my Xbox Avatar. PS3 no feature like this. :(

Xbox Support is the BEST, Period.

Xbox Cons:
$60 US Dollars to play COD online!!! PS3………..Free!

The controller IMHO needs improved. It is large-ish, cumbersome, and analog sticks are offset (not centered) the PS3′s is very Sleek and sexy! Xbox also comes with alkaline batteries, you have to purchase rechargeable battery kit,(as with many of their other “extra” items that are standard with PS3.) to have rechargeable batteries that come standard with PS3 controller.

Bluetooth Headset:
Xbox doesn’t allow for this, you have to purchase additional headset (no reusing a cell phone mic)

Xbox LAG:
While playing with M8′s across the Atlantic in the UK, I had terrible lag (80% or higher) with the Xbox vs 20% of the time with a PS3.

(Users Main interface to system outside of a game.)
I found it to be cumbersome by a lot compare to PS3′s XMB

Nobody talks on Xbox (this could be a good thing to some peeps :) )
You see Speaker emblem, yet most peeps have their mic muted, or are in a Party Chat (its very quiet)

There are many other Pros and Cons for both systems, but the bottom line is “to each their own” After playing both, I like both. I’d like to change some things on both systems, but IMHO I prefer “OVERALL” the PS3 (but recall that I’ve played it for years, and peeps are not to comfortable to change!) Both are great gaming systems and whichever you have, I’m sure you like that one, but I am glad I now have both, so I can not only play with the majority of you all now, but I also have the best of both worlds with both systems :)
Ok now let the flaming or arguing begin!!!!
Oh, and BTW I am going to build a somewhat beastly Computer, to join the PC COD’ers so I can review that community as well :)


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  1. I remember joining this site and it was all about ps3; however, most of it was such good information. Now you finally have xbox 360!!!! I think the reason you aren’t liking the controller is because you have played ps3 for so long. I love the feel of it, and i used to play ps2 so i dont mind the controller for ps3. Now I am not sure why you are experiencing lag, most likely because of the crappy host to the lobby you are in. I have great connection except when there is a new cake as the host of the lobby.

  2. Boots,
    I agree with “being used to ps3 controller” for sure! but I’ll still say PS3 controller is sleeker and sexier :) and as far as lag goes, that was only to the UK, not in the US, but PS3 did better to UK IMHO and it was with various different host on both consoles. and yes “I Finally have an Xbox” and I do like it, don’t get me wrong. I hope I don’t sound to critical, I just wanna be as honest as I can, and all opinions are based on MY experience, that’s these comments are for is to hear Your/his/her opinions as well……….RIGHT!!! ;)

  3. Boots,
    We still need to get some “game time” in together !!! I’m on PS3 t’nite, but we’ll hafta hook up sometime this weekend :)

  4. Lol yeah i do think, ps3, might have better servers i hear connection is better. Yeah we def need to get some game play together, my sqaud is coming over tomorrow and we will be on so hit me up with a message and we will see about getting some play time.

  5. Boots,
    Roger That!

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