Is MW3 going to be announced or just a teaser?

February 25, 2011 in COD8, Infinity Ward, MW3, Sledgehammer

Well folks, it looks like CODBUNKER may have missed the first shot at speculation on the who, what when, where, why with regards to the Next Call of Duty….. COD8. You can read some of the old posts concerning these speculations that were based on rumors. (NOTE: consider this article rumor as well! Rule of thumb, until a press release………it is just rumor)
Previous Speculation #1
Previous Speculation #2
Previous Speculation #3

Today I noticed a “Tweet” from @STONEYeleven (Jake Stoneburner of THE OHIO STATE BUCKEYES :D ) that was a ReTweet from IGN. Previously I had been ignoring the “other rumors” until I checked this info out. Now THIS seemed “more solid” intel so far that I have seen and it was derived by “That Video Game Blog”

So after reading these articles, I started to become “swayed” myself, into believing that the next COD will in fact be Modern Warfare 3. (Note MW3 is noted as being a “Prequel” to the MW and MW2) I have also noted that @fourzerotwo (Robert Bowling of IW) has become “more active” lately on twitter…..hmmmmmmm… So I then attempted to check out this site the articles were talking about (that has a countdown timer in the “font” “style” of Modern Warfare) and went to only to see that it’s server was down. (this could be due to many hits after the intel was sent out…….who knows?)

So not being able to actually see the site for myself, I decided to dig into who owns it. A quick search produced that the “owner” was which is a website to hide the owners identity with a way to contact the “real owner”. Dead End? Hell no! ;) So checking the IP address of the host for the website show that it is hosted by Media Temple, Inc. of Culver, California………..hmmmmm now were getting closer to Activision ;) Doing a quick search of MTI and Activision comes up with MANY hits and clearly shows that Activision uses this host a lot. Also, I was able to look at the page source and seen the Shockwave video was named


So it would certainly seem legit that Activision OWNS and it would also seem that this is tied to Modern Warfare (Infinity Ward)! Now……..What about Sledgehammer Games?! Well it looks as if the rumor from This article from Joystiq may in fact be true. Also note on SHG’s Facebook page: “GDC is right around the corner! Come visit Sledgehammer Games at Activision’s Booth #2526 in the Career Pavilion, March 2-4th. ” March 2-4 ????? Hmmmm………I think we may see a joint press release at this event which coincides in dates with what is teasing……We shall find out soon enough, at the VERY LEAST I hope we finally get to be introduced to SHG’s Community Manager!

So what are YOUR thoughts?


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