How to beat the MW2 Museum Level

March 13, 2010 in Modern Warfare 2, Solo

I posted earlier what happened in when you finish the “Campaign” mode of MW2 and enter the museum then hit the button LINK TO FIRST POST.
This post will tell you how to beat the Museum level (especially the Juggernaut, I’m sure lots of you have been destroyed by him LOL) Once you have completed the Campaign mode of COD6 (MW2) go into the Campaign mode, Select “Mission”, under Mission…..Select Museum. Once there grab a riot shield and weapon of your choice, I select the TAR. The only way I have been able to beat the Juggernaut is with the riot shield. Once you have killed a few of the enemies, he will eventually come after you, and when he does, the others seem to stand back while he is after you as if to say “…..he he heeee, your screwed” this is what gives you the time for one on one action with him, just smack him with the shield and then take out the rest with normal weapons. The video below shows the whole match (10 minutes) I kinda messed around a bit. But after each round, you will know when its complete because there will be a “winding up noise” kinda like a generator winding up. After room one is cleared then room two is done, everything gets reset and you can do it again. I don’t know if it does this infinite number of times or if you do it 5x and you get a “gold star”, I don’t know, I’ve only beat it once then end game, I’ve never tried to fight them again………..who knows maybe you beat it 10x, you get a cookie LOL. It’s fun to do though, so HAVE FUN!



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  1. i beat the juggernaut with the barret cal.50, it only takes 5 shots :)

  2. if you want to take out juggs with sniper rifle then we assume you are a sniper. so you can do headshot, don’t you?
    it’ll only takes 3 shots in head (with cal.50). it’s recoil sucks, but it’s the only sniper rifle that beats the crap out of em.
    and yeah i don’t care aboat “juggs” or “Juggernauts” or jeez. i call em whatever i want.
    and don’t tell me this thread is old. i know that
    just 4 fun

  3. Good comments buckeye and well fort back with other things to and it takes 10 rounds of eack side befor finishing the museum and a good way to do it is with a ruot sheid on your back be hind the tank yay I feel $€¤¥ yay go buckeye.

  4. (removed items, by ADMIN)
    i came to this thread/forum thingy becuase i want to know about the Museum, buckeye is Telling me and other people something they want to know. (removed items, by ADMIN)

  5. Moonlight, and others, YOU ARE CORRECT, I removed the petty comments, which I should’ve done long ago (this is an old thread) so my apology, but things are straight now ;)

  6. Ok ive beat it, at least 27 times, maybe its 30 or something, but everytime i decide to stop playing it, i end up realizing how it COULD be that i have to beat it one more time to get whatever the reward might be (if the is one). Anywho, of all the times ive played it i still havnt found an efective way of using the Riot Sheild. maybe i just dont do it right. I also have some rewards ive been trying to get online such as Sponge and a couple others that involve a riot sheild. if there is someone that reads this (Maybe you Buckeye) that can tell me any good ways of using a riot shield that would be great. My email is DarionKeyes at live dot com if anyone wants to send a video or something.

  7. ps. OMGOSH why is that face always my picture?! can i change it or something?!?!

  8. I just wanted to know how to get out of the museume XD

  9. I just wanted to know how to get out of the museum XD

  10. Dang it I posted it twice >.<

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