Modern Warfare 2 Museum Button Attack!

December 19, 2009 in Modern Warfare 2, Solo


This post will show a video and discuss what happens in the Modern Warfare 2 Museum……..If you do not want this “surprise” spoil DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER and DO NOT PLAY VIDEO.
Once you have completed the Campaign mode of COD6 (MW2) you will see the credits while you are being shown around a museum. Then the only option after that is to go to Spec-Op. Leave Spec-Op and go back into the Campaign mode, Select “Mission”, under Mission…..Select Museum. You can then just waltz around looking at all the displays of people and equipment you met or used in the Campaign, you can even just shoot them and kill them. The setup of the Museum is like a field goal post, two hallways on top (left and right), and hallway on bottom middle (which is where choppers, tanks etc are) At the Front Information desk of the top two there is red button (looks like a boxing ring bell). If you get close to it, it will say “Do not Push” When you push it (cuz I know you will LOL) then all the characters storm towards you and mess you up. I was told that you cannot kill them because they are so overwhelming…….I had to try for myself. I whooped them all! Took about 10 times at trying, but I seen a pattern and killed both left and right side “enemies”, hoping for a big surprise or even “XP points”, all that happened was the museum was restored to its original condition………….I didn’t take it any further, but possibly you have to beat them multiple times for something kewl to happen, IDK. Have fun with it anyway.
There is a “secret” or tip rather to killing them all, when you are frustrated enough, and I have recieved enough comments on “How do you kill ????????” then I will post the TIP LOL. Anyways here is a quick video shot with my DROID (you can tell one hand was filming, one was controlling) of the Red Button and effect.



8 responses to Modern Warfare 2 Museum Button Attack!

  1. What I did to beat it was grab a riot shield and the grenade/assault rifle from the guy in the boat. Then press the button, throw a frag cuz of the dog and head to the middle room. One guy beat the thing using the frag/flash grenades and a thumper just tossing them into the room from the hallway.

  2. Patrick,

    YOU GOT IT! That’s how I did it, by using the Riot Shield against the Juggernaut plus using grenades and the such!

  3. i did the whole thing with just 2 pistols and grenades beat that

  4. Duncan,
    NO WAY, LOL. I’m throwing the “show me” flag. You did not kill the Juggernaut with only nades and pistols, If you did, record it and I will bow down to your greatness and post your video on the front page!

  5. I took a riot shield killed some guy and got a Scar-H grenadier. I then refilled my ammo and started it, went to the middle room and used the grenades, grenade launchers and scar-h to my advantages. :P

  6. I got the rpg and the mg240 of some giant machine gun and pressed the button. I killed the juggernaut easy but it took a few seconds and I was just pumping lead into his torso. Easy, but thrilling.

  7. The only problem is, that if you kill anyone BEFORE ringing the bell, you cannot complete the Museum. that person wont re-spawn and you wont be able to kill him, therefore you will not have killed everyone. In case theres any confusion, to complete the museum, you gear up, Ring the bell in one room (or both if you think your THAT good) and kill EVERYONE. leaving no one behind. if you finish a room there is a sound (kindof like a bell or a ringing sound or something) that tells you youve completed it.

  8. Anyone who so far has said that they beat it by killing someone, taking their gun, and THEN ringing the bell, has not really completed it

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