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Blatant Boosting on COD7 Black Ops

September 19, 2011 in Black Ops, MultiPlayer

I still can’t believe how dumb people are on Call of Duty Black Ops, when they try to “BOOST”
Boosting is where you get a friend to “join your session” in hopes of getting on the other team and then using ghost and tactical insertions, let your cheating buddy kill you as often as he/she can. Thanks to Treyarch and COD7 we now have “essentially” a DVR in the game. So these idiots can not only be caught red handed in their cheating, but reviewed, recorded, etc, as often as anyone wants……..Including Treyarch, Activision, Playstation, Xbox Live, etc…..can you say “BAN HAMMER” I’ll bet [D3TH]MR-MOUNTIONDEW (booster) and [CERO]MrMountaindewJR (boostee) are sorry they ever attempted this on Black Ops. As we discussed it in the game, once we figured out somebody was getting a knife kill every 10 seconds on the same teammate of ours (kills in lower left hand side of game). Not much else to say but DUMB!!! Watch video to see how stupid they are then when caught watch em bail :)


Call of Duty Juggernaut

November 1, 2009 in MultiPlayer


This HAS to be the most fussed over PERK on Call of Duty W@W and MW. Why is this? Is it not a PERK, did the programmers accidentally slip up and put this into the game by mistake? This must be the case, since SO many people treat someone (mostly if they lose) as if they have CHEATED. BAD BAD BAD. I think it is that those people that whine about it, just want to be able to flick a booger at you to kill you. They do not want to work at it, just blow on you and you die. LOL. GROW UP, it is a game perk what you want, when you want, how you want. I personally use “stopping power” or “double tap” UNTIL….I’ve heard all the whiners….so I gave it a try, and hmmmm I think its a pretty good perk and I have a class to use with it on maps I don’t know so well to assist running from point a to point b without getting kill by a booger or a “camper” LOL. Camping is another subject. Play how you want, don’t play how WHINERS want you to play.
WHINER: “Please don’t be sneaky, stand in front of me so I can shoot you, oh and please don’t use Jug”
It is so funny how people get SO mad over a GAME! HINT: There is Life beyond Call of Duty!
Here is my favorite setup W@W (most of the time, depends on what I’m playing)
MP40 Dual Magazines
Tokarev TT-33
Frag, Tabun Gas
Bouncing Betty x2
Stopping Power
Steady Aim
Ordnance Training

Whats yours, and what do you think of the perks, should Activision Ban JUG!



Add your 2 cents

August 20, 2009 in General Discussion

Tonight, after playing COD5 HQ, I sent out message to “Players Met” to get some feedback for the website. Since it is still very new, input (good/bad) is very helpful. I know there is much to do still, such as a different banner, and mods to the format some. “I like the camouflage side though”

I also know that I need to post more on all aspects of the game, including COD4 and upcoming COD6.
I have been on the zombie kick since reaching Prestige 10 Level 65, and only have bolt actions, 1 shotgun, and a few non weapon challenges to complete, but I plan on talking about strategies etc… for Multiplayer as well.

Whats your 2 cents?