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MW3 Perk list (Not confirmed) but looks legit.

August 18, 2011 in COD8, MW3, NEWS

Here is the “supposed” perk list for Modern Warfare 3. Apparently a video was leaked but has since been removed from youtube per Activisions request; however, it was up long enough to get a take on the perks that will be available in MW3. Now remember……..This has yet to be officially confirmed! So don’t take it as “Gospel” just yet ;)


Perk Slots:

- Extreme Conditioning: (Like Lightweight) Sprint longer , Pro: Climb/Jump quicker?
- Sleight of Hand: (like old) Reloads Quicker, Pro: Swap weapons quicker?
- Scavenger: Just like Black Ops Resupply/start with more ammo?
- Blind Eye: Like Ghost Pro, Pro: Lock on enemy aircraft quicker & causes extra damage?
- Recon: Explosive damage is shown on radar map, Pro: Bullet damage shown on radar map?

- Assassin: Invicible to UAV, radar, and heartbeat sensors, Pro: (Not affected by Counter-UAV & EMP?
- Blast Shield: Less damage from explosives, Pro: Immune to stun and flash grenades?
- Hardline: Like the old version, Pro: Two assists = 1 kill?
- Overkill: Same as old, equip two primary guns, Pro: 2nd primary can be equipped with multiple attachments?
- Quickdraw: Aim down sights quickly, Pro: Recover from tossing flash or grenade quicker?

- Dead Silence: Makes you silent (like Ninja), Pro: No damage from falling?
- Marksman: Identifies your target from ranger, Pro: Hold your breath longer?
- Stalker: Mover Quickly while aiming, Pro: Claymores are delayed?
- Steady Aim: Hhip fire accuracy (like old), Pro: Quicker aiming down sight?
- SitRep – Like old (See Claymores, etc), Pro: Enemy footsteps are louder?