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PS3 Out of Memory 14 Error

November 10, 2011 in COD8, Infinity Ward, MultiPlayer, MW3, NEWS, PS3, Sledgehammer

Are you getting frustrated with the blasted error “outofmemory15″ on you PS3 console while playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3? Well you not the only ones! This is occuring to almost half of the peeps that I’ve played with online, and I’ve had it happen 4 times yesterday, and expect that in a few minutes when I log on, I will have to deal with it again. For some of you it seems to be very often, some (like myself) minimual…yet still frustrating. I am currently seeking assistance with Activision Support and PSN to get some intel on this and will pass it on shortly. I’m curious; however, is anybody on Xbox seeing this? What consoles are you seeing it on. Myself, I’m seeing it on a PS3 Slim. Any “fatboy” PS3′s seeing it? The more data we gather the better we can inform the “fixers” to resolve this.

Typically with me, it happens as a game is loading (after w8n forever in a lobby) then screen goes black and error occurs, and your off the games connection (i.e. IWNET)



The “Hidden Nuke” MOAB in MW3

November 9, 2011 in COD8, MultiPlayer, MW3, NEWS

CODBUNKER believes that SOCOM-STEVEN is the FIRST person to achieve the MOAB (Mother of all Bombs) on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. What he did to achieve this is get a 25 kill streak with a gun (in other words, kill streaks kills don’t count towards it) and lo and behold he seen MOAB ready. He launched it and all enemy equipment and enemies were destroyed as you see in video below, unfortunetly for Steve, is that he stated he was signed out of PSN just after it happened…………No trophy achieved, could be due the signing out. I’m sure he’ll do it again though. Great Job Steve, and Pretty Sneaky Sledgehammer & IW for sneaking this in there, very kewl.