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Does Treyarch “Tinker” with COD7 too much?

June 26, 2011 in Black Ops

Are you STILL Frustrated after six months that you can’t seem to get you classes set up “Just Right” in Call of Duty Black Ops???


Six months+ into Call of Duty Black Ops and Treyarch is STILL consistently making changes to the game/gameplay. It is understandable to “fix” some “bugs” that are found AFTER release of the game. The ideal situation would be on release date that the game has been thoroughly tested and PASSED; however, this for obvious reasons is unrealistic. There are bound to be SOME hiccups. (Just as Auto MFGs have recalls on things missed, not planned, etc.) BUT…….. WHEN does the “fixing” stop and the game stands on its own??? As stated before it is “normal” to have some fixes, but if you play COD A LOT! (as I’m sure you do) typically within a month, you’re all set on the ins and outs and which fav gun or setup you like. Then all of the sudden, the Gun or setup that was “JUST PERFECT” for you, no longer seems to be working, all of the sudden, your getting slammed by a “crap” enemy gun, and your setup now sux :( Most peeps have no idea what has happened unless they happen to be following @DavidVonderhaar on twitter (he has 42,733 followers, therefore, MILLIONS are clueless to these changes) So now that we are 5 months away from the release of MW3 there is still “Tweaking” going on. Granted they are important updates……..right…We certainly have to have ALL weapons/setups balanced first and then get to the other stuff such as the constantly getting kicked (for some peeps), need I mention Lag???, or here is one that STILL EXISTS Xbox Migrating Server issue with Zombies.

So what do you think? Is Treyarch tweaking TOO MUCH???

Below are some examples of what I’m speaking of (tweets are latest to oldest, there were of course many more over the last 6 months.)

Latest “tinkering” Tweets from David Vonderhaar
“Game Design Director @Treyarch. I’m the mayor.”

“We wanted to update you on some design changes coming to every bomb based game mode including Search & Destroy, Demolition, and Sabotage. When you plant or defuse a bomb two (main) different sounds are used. The first is the “I am getting out the suitcase and opening the bomb” sound. The second is the “I am actually defusing or planting by punching numbers into the keypad.” Additionally, depending on which bomb based game mode, VO from your commanding officer may play. In a future update (that is yet unscheduled for release) when you plant or defuse a bomb you’ll continue to make the noise of bringing out the bomb, as well as the actual activating/defusing sound (“beep – beep – beep”) to yourself. Other players will only hear you bring out the bomb and not the actual activating/defusing (“beep – beep – beep”) sound and can only so if they are in close proximity to you. Additionally, the bringing out the briefcase sound is played in worldspace –this means it’s subject to the same audio occlusion any other sound has. It will be harder to hear you if there are walls between you and the bomb planter or defuser. This should make “ninja” and “fakie” plants and defuses possible again.”

“Changes: Tweaks on ADS raise time; Hip fire accuracy reduction; more gun kick (so less accurate) and slightly slower re-center speed.”

“Nerfed the Famas in next update. Srsly. #umadbro”